Can I Travel to Portugal?

So you ask, can I travel to Portugal from the USA, right now? If you have contracted the flu, or you’ve had a respiratory infection of any kind recently then the answer is yes. It’s definitely not a good time to be traveling. But more importantly there is a serious pandemic raging in the world right now. And it looks as if the West African countries are going to be hit the hardest. The disease, which is known as “influenza” is highly contagious and is sweeping across Europe and Asia right now.

So can I travel to Portugal from the USA, right now? Well, at the current time the virus is not spreading to every corner of the globe like the usual seasonal flu. But it is prevalent in just about every country in the Western Hemisphere. It is being said that the worst pandemic we have ever seen in history could happen in this calendar year. With over a million people a month dying from this flu, it is just a matter of time before it shakes out in force and completely wipes out a large portion of the global community.

So can I travel to Portugal from the USA? Not anytime soon. The pandemic is still spreading but it won’t be as bad as it is right now. There is no telling when it will hit, or what part of the world it will affect next. But there is a vaccine available to help protect you in the meantime.

It is also important for you to understand how to prevent getting the flu, or to stop catching the flu if you already have. One way of preventing the flu is by not coming into contact with anyone who has the flu. Especially make sure you don’t come into contact with someone who has it. For can I travel to Portugal one of the easiest ways to prevent coming into contact with those who have the flu is to take a vacation somewhere else. Your own home country can be an excellent place to go on vacation and not have to worry about coming into contact with those who are sick.

When traveling to a foreign country, your own vaccinations may need to be updated. For most countries you can get them easily at any clinic. There can be cases where you may need to be treated for certain diseases. In these cases it is best to get yourself updated right away. Contact information for local clinics can be found in the country’s tourism department.

Can I travel to Portugal and still be contagious? As with any other type of travel illness, it’s best to be symptom free before you travel. You can help yourself by staying away from anyone who is sick and coughing as much as possible. You can also minimize the time that you are out in public by quiting your coughs and colds within 48 hours of your exposure.

I’m not traveling with anyone and they aren’t sick can I travel to Portugal? If you are traveling with someone who is currently ill with a severe or contagious illness, you can’t take risks. Don’t take long trips with others who are sick. Travel somewhere else entirely until you can be sure they have recovered. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I will be visiting Portugal and can I bring my pet? Many countries have strict rules when it comes to bringing pets into their country. The same goes for those traveling to places that don’t allow pets. In these cases you might need to have your pet taken to the vet and arrange airline or local travel insurance to cover the cost of your pet’s trip to the country of origin.

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