Food in Las Vegas, Finding the Right Asian Foods in Our Area

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and want to sample some authentic Chinese restaurants that dot the strip, head to Chinatown. Well, not really. It is more likely that you’ll see Chinese food being served somewhere on Main Street. But wait, isn’t that where all the restaurants go? Yes, and you’re right, on the Las Vegas Strip, well, paradise located far enough away from the masses that it is still able to retain its own identity, and one that has survived the post-war reconstruction efforts.

The traditional Chinese quarter of Las Vegas is known as Spring Mountain. It’s one of the oldest areas of Las Vegas with its Chinese influence. The area was once a gold and silver mining camp. The area today is a melting pot of different cultures with Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and many others blending in. Chinese restaurants can be found all over the place and Spring Mountain National Historic Park is just an hour east of Las Vegas with its own Chinatown.

But wait, back down on the main strip. Yes, you’re still in las Vegas, Nevada, well, paradise again, or rather, old paradise, depending on how you like your old-fashioned Las Vegas. And the strip malls, which were actually created to cater to the middle class with small businesses and service businesses, have been revitalized in recent years. Many of these businesses, such as the Aladdin’s cave and the Venetian hotels and Casino, still retain their original design and architecture from when they first opened their doors.

However, one of the hottest areas in town for Asian restaurants and cuisine is the once popular Chinatown. Many of these restaurants are actually a part of the Spring Mountain neighborhood of las Vegas. Spring Mountain Road is lined with some of the most expensive restaurants and shopping malls in las Vegas, and it even has its very own cable television channel – KUSI. There are many Asian restaurants along this strip, and they serve some of the most traditional Asian foods you can find anywhere.

Of course, there are also restaurants and food venues that have been established in the area. One of the oldest is the Las Vegas Racquet Club. This elegant club was built in 1931 and is still located on what is now known as the Silverado strip mall. Another is the Venetian, which is an Italian restaurant. And there’s also the Oriental Inn, a Chinese restaurant.

But perhaps the best Asian restaurant in town is located inside the old Historic Downtown Plaza Building on Broadway at the Bellagio. This Chinese restaurant, called The Larder, serves a wonderful array of Asian dishes and drinks. It’s not uncommon to find dim sum, bao buns, and congee there, as well as famous Chinese dishes such as the egg rolls and fortune cookies. This is also a great place to grab some lunch or dinner, and for some amazing late night entertainment, the dancers at the Larder can help you enjoy your Las Vegas vacations even more.

If you’re looking for some more Asian-themed shopping in las Vegas Chinatown, then you’ve come to the right place. Just a quick visit to this part of town will give you plenty to choose from. First, there’s the corner of 7th street and ultra-street, which has some really interesting Asian-themed restaurants such as Tung Tong, which serves dim sum and Baklava. Also, it just happens to be just across the street from another legendary Asian shopping destination: The Lucky One.

Beyond these two areas of downtown las Vegas, there are many more Asian-inspired restaurants. In fact, if you stay on the edge of town, you can easily walk to a number of Asian malls, shops, and boutiques. For example, there’s the Miracle Mile at Alton street, which features numerous Asian-inspired shops. There’s also the River Walk at Alton road, which boasts numerous Asian restaurants and boutiques. Finally, the edge of South downtown is home to a number of Chinese-owned restaurants, as well as some very popular attractions such as the Las Vegas Aquarium. No matter what your preference, there’s sure to be an amazing place for you to experience authentic Chinese food in las Vegas.

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