Ghost Adventures Route 666

Ghost Adventures Ride is a series of four ghost stories which follow the same plot as the earlier “Ghost Adventures” books. The latest in the series, Ghost Stories Rides, includes the story of thirteen-year-old Jessica, who lives on an estate in England. She is known to be a very dark and moody girl. One evening, she had a disturbing dream in which she saw her younger brother brutally murdered. She then becomes a ghost, unable to return to the outside world.

The ghost hunters, Jay and Jill, set out to investigate the strange circumstances of Jessica’s death. They travel across America in a “Halloween special”, investigating a dilapidated old house and cemetery where a young boy was killed by a demon. Years later, the boy’s ghost appears before them, warning them to beware of the “Old Woman”. They are soon trapped in this hellish place, where they must fight to stay alive.

The townsfolk of the town had become friendly and welcoming towards the newcomers. They refer to them as their own kind, the “mortals”. Slowly the newcomers themselves become accepted by the community. Then the old woman reappears, announcing that she is searching for her lost son.

When the boy’s father returns from a business trip, he mistakenly believes that his son has died. He rushes to the graveyard to find his son’s remains, only to find that the soul of his son is still living in the town. A short while later, two men in suits approach the couple, one of them having a ring of gold on his finger. They take the ring to the Ghost Adventures Rides storeroom, where it is identified as a recently killed soul.

The next day, the entire town is put under alert. People begin to report strange sounds, occasional fire, and strange feelings of danger in the area. One man tells about his life while he was alive, saying that he lived in the town, but that most of the people there have spirits who haunt the area. Another man says that he saw his two children drowned when their house went up in flames a few months ago. The entire town’s population gathers outside of the town’s gate to discuss the situation, but no one can identify the spirits that are haunting the roads

Soon, more disappear. An unmarried couple moves into the area. Within hours, their car is found abandoned at a petrol station. Then, three days later, the car is discovered burned beyond recognition, with its passengers still inside. A missing woman comes to the scene, and admits to all of the villagers that she did not try to save her husband and son, but rather gave up and let fate take its course.

An investigation by the local police discovers that all three had been brutally murdered. The bodies are so burned that the investigators cannot identify any of the suspects. All the signs of a violent struggle were found in the car, the place where the bodies were found. This left the police with only a suspect: Richard Souviron. The whole town is in shock, as Richard is questioned repeatedly by the press and police, while the press continues to pursue him.

As the investigation proceeds, more ghosts come to disturb the citizens of Ghost Adventures Route 666. Several of them start to disappear without a trace. The most serious of these is the serial killer known as ‘The Ghost’. The press believes him to be responsible for all of the disappearances, even though the local police believe it is someone related to a ritualistic killing. The reader also gets to know a few other ghostly suspects, including the female ghost who tries to stop Richard from killing the latest victim, but he doesn’t succeed.

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