Hot Air Balloon Festival of Balooning

Balooning is the most famous festival of India held in the month of August to celebrate the joyous occasion of Bhai Dooj. The festival was first celebrated in the 17th century by Bahadur Shah Zafar, who established the Chashmashahi-Bhai Dooj or Festival of Lights. Since then it has become one of the most colorful festivals of India that is celebrated with great joy and happiness all over the country.

Although a festival is considered as a time of joy for almost everyone, this festival has some special customs attached to it. For example, when you see people floating on the air balloons on the colorful occasion of Bhai Dooj, you will understand the true meaning of this festival. This is something that you will never forget in your lifetime. No matter what special occasion you are celebrating, this festival can surely add some zest to your celebrations. So, plan a date for the festival and make sure that you are able to reach here on time for all the fun and enjoyment.

When you are looking for hot air balloon flight tickets, you will surely find a lot of online travel companies offering deals and discounts on this amazing event. It’s best to book your tickets well in advance to get better discounts on air tickets and other accommodation facilities. On reaching here, you can start enjoying the fun-filled festival of Bhai Dooj. Apart from balloons, there are several hot-air balloon rides available for you to enjoy. You can go for a ride over the sacred Ganges as well as admire the scenic beauty of the beautiful city of Jaipur.

In fact, the whole city of Jaipur is decorated with vibrant colors during the festival celebrations. This is one of the major reasons why tourists from all around the world keep coming here throughout the year. While at the festival events, you can also indulge in several hot-air ballooning activities like trekking, cycling, pool, and many more.

The festival starts with a celebration of good wishes for the upcoming year. Along with balloons, it is a good idea to send good wishes to your family and friends who reside far away. People usually send gifts and flower garlands to their loved ones on this occasion. Another interesting tradition that is also celebrated at the festival is Bhai Dooj puja.

The festival gets underway with a massive display of colorful candles at the Ganesha temple. All the neighbors, relatives, and guests are gathered there and carry candles in their hands as a symbol of wishing good luck and joy on the auspicious occasion. Along with the traditional rituals and processions, a gala time is also provided to the guests by the hot air balloonists. The highlight of this occasion is of course, Bhai Dooj. The guests can dance and enjoy music while the various festivities are going on below. The festival gets close to celebrations when the two bulls, identified as the luckiest bull and the most unlucky bull, are made to face each other and if they fall down, both of them have to sacrifice their lives for the Hindu religion.

If you are planning to go for a hot air ballooning in New Delhi, then you can easily book tickets online. Most of the hot air balloon companies are offering special packages and deals to travelers booking tickets in advance. It is better to make your booking as soon as possible as the earlier you make your booking, the higher discounts you get on your air tickets. So plan your vacation and make your way to New Delhi to enjoy the festival of Balooning this year.

In the absence of strong winds, the festival remains stagnant. In the last few years, the weather in New Delhi has been unpredictable and there have been some inclement weather conditions. However, the organizers of the festival take all such unfortunate circumstances in mind and plan for the festival without any glitches. Hence, don’t wait and visit the hot air balloon festival in New Delhi to celebrate the joy of Balinese culture with your family and friends.

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