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Penang is a Malaysian State located north of Peninsular Malaysia, on the west coast Peninsular Malaysia. It is divided into two areas: Penang City which houses George Town, the commercial capital of Malaysia, and Seberang Perai that lies on the southern Malay Peninsula.

The area surrounding the town has been settled for many centuries. Despite the many influences, Penang’s traditional culture is still largely intact.

Penangans feel pride and belong to a community. Penangians speak a different dialect from Singaporeans and have developed a distinct social class system that is based on gender.

Women are in higher positions than men and minorities such as Chinese, Indians, or Eurasians get respect. Penang’s major feature is its religious practice. This combines elements of many Asian religions.

Penang has evolved into a modern, cosmopolitan place that blends East and West cultures. There are numerous shopping areas along the railway line connecting Singapore’s central commercial district to Penang.

These landmarks include the Penang State Museum (pictured above) and the Shappoori Mosque (pictured below). It is well-known for its nightlife, fine dining, and excellent nightlife. Penang offers a variety of hotels with affordable accommodation and other services.

There are many options for luxury, decor and facilities in these Penang hotels. Although some are budget hotels, most are five-star luxury hotels with excellent service and luxurious amenities.

Penang is the capital city of the Malay States. This has made it a popular destination for tourists, both local and international. Its reputation for being a ‘Cultural Capital made it a desirable destination to live and visit.

One of Penang’s most popular areas is the Shappoori Mosque area, which is well-known for its nightlife. It is situated near the International Airport and is one of Penang’s most trendy areas. However, the bars and shophouses of the old city are slowly disappearing as more young people move into the suburbs to further their educations or to work for big companies in the city’s center.

These shophouses have shut down many and the rents are extremely high. Penang has grown to be one of the most trendy places to live thanks to its many restaurants, shops, and clubs.

Hotels in Penang come in a variety of prices and facilities. All of them are within easy reach of the airport. Five-star hotels offer excellent facilities at very affordable prices. Many hotels in these locations are in prime locations making it easy to get to all the major attractions in Penang.

There are also affordable hotels that can be found in areas far from the tourist hubs. Many of these hotels offer excellent facilities at a moderate price.

If you require the services of a luxurious hotel, however, Penang has a number of luxury hotels. These luxury hotels are located in some the most sought-after areas in Penang.

Internet booking is one of the most convenient ways to book hotels in Penang. Most of the major Penang hotels have their own websites, so it is easy to compare prices and view the available rooms. You can also compare the rates and features offered by Penang hotels online to get the best deal.

Online customer service is available for many hotels, making it easier than dealing with an agency representative to reach them. You will find the right hotel for you, no matter what your requirements may be.

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