How Long Is a Flight to Japan?

The question of how long is the flight to Japan may have been asked many times before, but the answer may not always have been clear. First of all, one should know exactly what the time zone is when flying into Tokyo. There are six standard time zones in all, which runs from eastern daylight saving time (or Eastern Standard Time) to the time zone of Australia. The difference is that in Japan there are only two time zones, so there is no difference in the local time.

How long does it take to get to Tokyo? – The shortest flight takes about seven hours and forty-five minutes. If a visitor is currently in India, and he/she wants to travel to Japan, then it would take them about 7-10 hours at the most, in the plane to reach their destination. But when the trip lands on several stops, then the flight time could be as much as 24 hours long.

How long is a flight to Manila? – The time needed to fly to Manila, Philippines is three hours and ten minutes. This is because Manila is situated in the Pacific Ocean, hence, the long flight time. There is also an international airport there, which offers flights to Tokyo at about the same time as the Tokyo airport.

How long is a flight to Boston? – The journey between Tokyo and Boston takes about three hours and fifteen minutes. The reason for this is that Boston is located in the middle of the United States, hence, the long flight time. In fact, even if you travel from Delhi to Tokyo, which is a very quick flight, you would still need six hours and ten minutes of your time to get to Boston.

How long is a flight to London? – This is actually another tricky question. There are actually two different airports in London. The British Airways’ Heathrow is located in London’s Kings Cross Station and Gatwick is located close by. If you are traveling from other parts of the UK or the rest of the world, then you would actually take a different route, as Gatwick is considered to be the quickest way to get from London to the rest of the UK. However, you will have to make that adjustment when traveling from the UK to other parts of the world.

How long is a flight to Hong Kong? – Hong Kong is actually a US island. It is located on the East Coast of Asia and the main reason why there is such a long flight between Hong Kong and Taipei, is that this is a very important trading center between the Chinese and the Japanese. The airline that will take you from Taipei, will take you to Hong Kong which is just across the straits of Hong Kong. However, this is a very long journey and you will have to make that adjustment when traveling long distances.

How long is a flight to Tokyo? – This is the second-longest international flight in all of Asia and traveling between Tokyo and Taipei is one of the most popular ways of traveling through Asia. When taking a flight to Tokyo, you will have to make the flight across the Pacific Ocean, so it is a long plane, but it is still a good flight.

How long is a flight to Hong Kong? – When traveling through Hong Kong, you will need to make your flight over to the Mainland of China, which is a very long flight of over 8 hours. When you arrive in Hong Kong, you will have to catch a ferry that goes to the Chinese mainland, then another boat takes you to the Hong Kong International Airport. Once you get to the airport, you can fly into Hong Kong again through the same ferry, making this a very long flight.

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