Is Germany Open to Tourists?

Last month a German federal cabinet approved a draft law that would make it easier for tourists from the European Union to travel to Germany. The purpose of the measure, according to its advocates, is to encourage Europeans to visit more often and choose Germany as their travel destination. Opponents argue that such a measure will limit the number of foreign visitors to Germany and will deny people from the Eu the right to freely travel throughout the country. If this law was implemented, they argue, it would set a bad precedents and inhibit the movement of people who are entitled to protection under the Geneva Convention. The question is do European countries really need to open up their borders to encourage tourist growth?

Germany is one of the most popular European destinations for tourists from the EU. It has beautiful landscapes, excellent transportation facilities, and a diverse culture that are evident in its city planning, its architecture, its cuisine, its music, and its many sports programs. Its success as a European country and as a tourist destination are built on the fact that it is able to accommodate a large number of people, not just the usual Europeans, but people from all parts of the world. It is also very likely that a vibrant economy and a highly developed tourism sector would have been impossible without an open and porous borders. Without this measure, the country would not be able to keep its position as a desirable tourist destination.

In recent times, the European Union has tried to discourage tourists from traveling to countries that are not part of the European Union. It is doing this in an attempt to preserve its single currency, the Euro. In addition, the Union is trying to strengthen its identity by forming a European army, the European Union Army. The efforts to strengthen the country’s flag and promote its unity can be seen in its decision to impose a travel ban on citizens of Bulgaria and Austria. The citizens of these two countries that happen to be within the Schengen visa-free area, will be excluded from traveling to Germany. On the other hand, there is no confirmation yet as to whether or not the travel ban will be expanded to other countries that are not part of the EU.

Is Germany open to tourists from the United States? As far as the country’s tourism laws are concerned, they are quite welcoming towards foreign tourists, however, lodging and food are not covered adequately in the country’s tourism law. This means that tourists who want to enjoy some delicious German food could have a hard time locating a restaurant that is open to them during their stay in the country. The same thing goes for those who would like to visit the many world famous museums in the country.

While many people would prefer visiting Germany for its amazing selection of theme parks, swimming pools, and exciting forts, they may not be aware that the same applies to Germany’s beer. Germany is known for its huge amount of Oktoberfest beers, which are created right before each of the four Oktoberfest festivals in the country. Beer drinkers of all ages and from every part of the world would definitely love to try these German brews. Of course, it would not hurt if they were able to taste the real German brews as well. Of course, beer festivals like these are not common all over the world, but they do happen from time to time in Germany.

If you happen to be a game enthusiast, you might want to look into the German Football (soccer) World Cup. Every four years, Germany hosts the event, and it is one of the most watched sports events in Europe. Just like the rest of Germany, many of its tourists are also eager to take in the World Cup matches. Even if you do not travel to the country’s borders, you can still follow the World Cup games on local channels, especially in the cities like Cologne and Frankfurt.

Germany has a rich history. It has played an important role in world history, and that period of German history includes the Second World War. For many people in this day and age, they would like to spend their days admiring the place where their ancestors lived so long ago. You may visit the castles located all throughout Germany; you can go on hiking trips, or you can just enjoy taking in the breathtaking scenery of the countryside.

Germany is definitely a great place for tourists who would like to experience different cultures and traditions. The country’s landscape is unique, with rolling hills, flat fields, and forested mountains all within a few hours’ drive. So, is Germany open to tourists? It is if you are willing to give it a shot.

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