Is Thailand Open to Tourists Again?

Thailand is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia and has a huge tourism potential. It is one of the few countries in the world that has a thriving tourism industry apart from tourism in the larger cities. Tourism in Thailand includes many activities such as beach tourism, scuba diving, trekking, paragliding, horseback riding, parasailing, snorkeling, rafting, camping, and more. This article discusses the current state of Thailand’s tourism industry and what travelers should expect from their trip to this incredible country. The article also discusses some travel tips and advice for first-time or long-term travelers to Thailand.

Thailand is open to travelers from around the world but travelers must obtain a visa, carry a pulse test, and get through a strict 7-day quarantine before traveling. Beginning July 1, the Kingdom of Thailand opened its massive resort island, Phuket. The island has been a popular vacation destination for both locals and tourists since it was opened in the late 1990s when Phuket began offering luxurious beachfront hotels, fantastic golf courses, and other tourist attractions.

Travelers traveling to Thailand must not go to Phuket unless they are fully vaccinated and prepared to enter through the Thai-financed Phuket Tourism Authority (PTA) controlled and monitored port at Haad Khom. There are stringent screening procedures and a highly trained staff is stationed at the port to assist travelers. The PTA also runs regular clinics at various resorts throughout Thailand where new and returning tourists can receive routine checkups and immunizations. Tourists should check with the tourism office for the nearest clinic in their area before traveling to Thailand.

There are no airlines servicing direct flights to Phuket, so travelers need to arrange their transportation on another airline. If travelers have already obtained one-way or return tickets, they can take advantage of a special holiday package that includes their flights and hotel accommodation. This is especially helpful to travelers who made overnight trips to Bangkok and were unable to return due to illness or other scheduling constraints. In addition, if a return flight is not possible, travelers can book an extra flight to Phuket, which has a much shorter flight time and lower cost than a direct flight.

One of the top reasons why tourists in Thailand are not permitted to travel to certain regions of Thailand is a lingering outbreak of the deadly yellow virus. The disease has killed more than 1 million people over the last three years, and all hospitals in Thailand are currently operating solely on limited resources to combat the outbreak. This means that travelers must remain alert and diligent about their health to avoid contracting the virus. Fortunately, there are several measures tourists can take to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.

Thai officials have advised against traveling to northern Thailand between the first and second August. Although officials have not released a travel schedule, tourists are advised to refrain from traveling to these areas until at least mid-September. The reason for this caution is the continued presence of the yellow virus in northern Thailand. Because this disease is more prevalent in northern Thailand, it will be harder for travelers to enter southern Thailand – the area adjacent to the North Sea – during the period when the virus is dormant. However, this advice should be modified if there is a high chance of tourists being traveling to northern Thailand between the second and first August.

As tourism has begun to recover from the turmoil caused by the civil conflict, the Thai government has offered hotels and other forms of accommodation incentives to attract more international tourists. The government has also re-opened many popular tourist attractions including the Sayan International Airport, which was severely damaged during the war. The tourism industry is expected to experience strong growth once again as Thailand hosts the 2021 FIFA World Cup. Many hotels in Phuket have already begun offering packages to this prestigious international event.

Although tourism is beginning to recover in Phuket, there are some areas that remain closed to tourists due to the threat of disease and safety concerns. Although there is no evidence of the virus being spread to tourists or the local population, there is still a small risk of contamination from creatures such as the sand crab. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, it is important that you review your travel policy to ensure that you are aware of any possible situations that may limit your entry into the country.

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