Kyoto Towers Hotel - A Luxurious Accommodation

Kyoto Towers Hotel is one of the three hotels of the famous Asakusa Temple. The other two hotels are Asakusa Minagi-Ryu and Asakusa Izu-Dai Koen-Bach. Just like any other hotels in town, the Kyoto Tower Hotel offers a lot of relaxation facilities. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the city from inside the window of your room. This 5-star hotel has facilities for fitness, meeting rooms, business meeting rooms, restaurant, and bar.

A short distance away from the hotel is the shrinine-covered bus terminal called the Sanja-oken-Gion Kobu. The Kyoto Tower Hotel is situated just 2 minutes walking from the Central Exit Karasuma Exit Of JR Kyoto Station on the footbridge at the base of the impressive lighthouse-shape Kyoto Tower. The hotel offers these cards for free and reserves the right for a limited number prior to arrival. Restaurant and Spa with a view. Here are some great activities you can do while staying at Kyoto Towers Hotel:

Walking Time

There is a free public bath in the park directly opposite of the hotel. The restrooms are clean and hygienic. In front of the public bath, there is the statue of “Osama” facing direction of the entrance. The statue is facing “Izu-Dai-Kun”, a small square park that is quite near to the entrance of the bus terminal, and has a good view of the statue.

Dining Time

There is a buffet-style restaurant on the first floor. The restaurant serves Japanese dishes. The elevators operate a mix of cars and a few taxis. The elevator attendant greets you with sweetmeats, sushi, and coffees.

Staircase to Floor

The stairs in the elevator are circular and have a touch-down button on each floor. The elevator takes you up to the third floor. To the left is the elevator door to the right is the elevators elevator, to the right again is your room, and to the left again is your elevator lobby. The elevator will bring you up to your room.


The bathtub is huge, the faucets are stylish, and the sink is high-tech. The room has a separate shower area, a bidet, and a large towel set. You can wash your face and hair here. There’s also a small refrigerator with a freezer and microwave.

Sweet Life

Each of the suites at Kyoto Towers is beautifully furnished. The concierge will assist you when you need it. Each room even has its own television set. For the ultimate in comfort, there is an 8-hour fitness center where you can work out, stretch, and relax.


These rooms are all privately owned and maintained. Each one has a balcony, terrace, and / or balcony to overlook the city. Guests can choose from deluxe suites, mid-grade suites, and studio apartments. There’s also a pool and a spa. All rooms have Internet access.


The bathroom is contemporary and elegant. The tub and shower are the largest. The toilet is contemporary with flushable toilets and tea pots. The countertops are hardwood. All towels are hand-woven and include soap and a massage.

Living Room

The living room overlooks the pool and offers a lush tropical oasis. The karaoke music is turned on a regular basis. Guest get a coffee table, a Television, and DVD. The chef is always on hand for meals.


The restaurant, called Arco, is excellent. Food is varied and is prepared by an American chef. He brings in only the best Japanese dishes. Guests can dine at the Honjo, a five-star restaurant that overlooks Kyoto Tower.

Extra Facilities

Guests can reserve an apartment for as little as just one night. The room comes fully equipped with: Hair salon, fitness room, bar, modern bathtubs, toilet, telephone, TV and Internet connection. Guests can make reservations over the phone or online. This is highly recommended for longer stays.

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