Planning A Turtle Canyon Catamaran Snorkel Cruise

The next best thing to do in Hawaii after hitting the beach is to go on a turtle canyon catamaran snorkel cruise! Set sail on a state-of-the-art power catamaran for turtle-viewing adventures around the Hawaiian island paradise. Your goal: to snorkel in the warm, clear waters frequented only by Hawaii’s green sea turtles!

On board, feast upon two full-service bars, a variety of imported snacks, and a hearty meal. Snacks may include locally caught halibut, tuna, salmon, or mackerel. If you choose the noon-to-dusk cruise, try to book a spot at one of the many duty free shopping destinations dotting the Hawaiian island landscape. But first, why not savor a leisurely cruise through Waikiki’s famous turtle canyon?

Starting off the snorkel cruise in the vicinity of the infamous Punch Bowl, turn into your first right as you set sail towards turtle town. Move out into the crystal blue ocean water and make your way to a small dock. What will await you there? What a magnificent sight!

To get a closer look, prepare yourself for a view that will stay with you for hours. A broad array of sea life such as hermit crabs and small sea birds adorn the landscape. In addition, you will discover a community of humpback whales who stop by occasionally for a good meal. And did we forget to mention that turtles frequent the waters too? Yes, we did.

After a quick stop at the dock, pull out your snorkel gear and let your adventure begin. The water is clear and welcoming, so you will want to move right ahead. A boat will be shortly behind so prepare to view a wonderful display of nature’s wonders. As you view them, you will start to wish that you had brought your camera. For those not interested in photography, there are a number of restaurants dotting the area which specialize in Hawaiian food that is easily digested while appreciating the beautiful sights of the land.

You will soon realize that the only way to really enjoy the experience is to do it in “your own time.” There are no guides or colleagues to demand your undivided attention. As you glide leisurely through the waters, you will be awed by how little time you actually spend under the sea. Indeed, it is this seclusion that will make a Turtle Canyon Catamaran snorkel cruise such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are the type of person who is afraid of water. The experience is still somewhat educational, so you should probably not be afraid of approaching a certain creature or object. Also, because it is a boat, you will need to wear a life vest. If you are planning on spending the night on the boat (which will likely be the case for this type of trip) a good snorkel wax will definitely be in order.

You cannot go wrong with a turtle catamaran snorkel cruise; it is one of the most unique experiences you can have. The world is open to you as you take to the waves. This type of boating is a lot of fun and the memories that you create will last a lifetime.

To plan your journey, you’ll need to get some sort of group insurance. If you are going with a bunch of friends, think about getting them all insured. Group insurance is usually cheaper than individual plans and it’s always a good idea to check out multiple companies before deciding on a company. If you are traveling alone, remember that it is still a good idea to invest in travel insurance. Travel insurance pays for almost any eventuality.

When planning your snorkel cruise, you will also want to think about packing items specific to boating. While this is a trip you will want to enjoy, it is still important to stay safe. Bring items that will help you safely get around, stay dry, and protected from the elements while on the trip. This will include an extra pair of glasses for yourself and one for each member of your party.

One last thing you will want to be prepared for is having a first-aid kit with you. Whether you are snorkeling or diving off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, accidents can happen. In case someone should get hurt, you will want to have the proper medical tools on hand. Even if the accident seems minor, it’s a good idea to have the necessary equipment on hand. You never know when an injury can turn into something more serious.

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