Renting A Car Without Insurance

Yes, you may rent a car without personal insurance, time after time. But, most often, most rental car agencies require coverage even for their own drivers. So when you come to the counter and request a quotation, be certain to ask about rental car insurance as well. A lot of people think that they don’t need it because they are only renting the car for a short term. But what happens if there’s an accident, or maybe the other driver is uninsured?

In the United States, all vehicles must have insurance coverage. Some states don’t, while others require it by law. It’s important to note that “collision” and” uninsured motorist” coverage are not the same thing. Collision coverage is designed to pay for repairs or replacement of the vehicle involved in an accident. “Uninsured motorist” coverage is designed to pay for medical expenses or losses resulting from an accident involving an insured driver, but an uninsured motorist policy won’t cover him or her.

You need at least the minimum auto insurance required by your state. The higher your insurance, the more your auto lease cost will be. Make sure the insurance you’re getting is the correct type for your vehicle. An ad for a cheap insurance may not mean inexpensive auto insurance. If you’re getting insurance from the car dealer, the insurance representative will usually try to convince you to buy additional coverage, even if it’s not required.

Here’s how you protect yourself, when renting a car: Renting a car without insurance is risky. Especially if you’re going to be driving in areas where you don’t know the safety standards. With an accident, no one’s fault, but the expense and hassle of paying for repairs can be overwhelming. When renting a car, do what you can to protect yourself.

Ask the car rental companies always try to get you to purchase additional insurance coverage. The more you pay for insurance, the lower your deductible will be, so you’ll end up paying more out of your pocket. If you don’t know the deductible, take some time to figure it out. The higher amount that you pay, the lower percentage of your claim you’ll have to pay out of pocket. That’s why rental companies always try to get you to purchase more insurance.

Whether you rent a vehicle for business or pleasure, the vehicle is yours. So, it makes sense that you should have some insurance on it. Ask a potential rental company about their rental insurance options. Be sure to ask specifically about collision coverage, rental insurance, and windshield damage, too.

Renter’s insurance is one option to consider. A lot of companies offer free quotes when you compare quotes with them. Most often, the renter’s policy will cover losses caused by a rented vehicle. Be sure to read the policy thoroughly before signing anything or before you agree to rent a vehicle. You don’t want to end up defending a lawsuit because your auto insurance coverage doesn’t cover your claim. This is why you should compare quotes with multiple auto insurance companies.

Some people feel that the cost of renting a car without insurance is just too high. Renting without insurance is not recommended for younger children, for obvious reasons. But, there are some situations where renting without insurance is a smart move. For instance, if you’re renting a vehicle in order to avoid the high cost of auto insurance for a long period of time, then it may be a smart idea. Talk to an insurance expert, if you’re interested in renting a vehicle with no coverage and find out what you should pay as a result.

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