The Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

In this quick short post, we’ll dive right into when is the best time to go to Lake Tahoe for whitewater rafting or hiking. This top-notch guide will cover: The best time to go to Lake Tahoe based on your recreational activities. The best time of year to go to the lake for whitewater rafting in winter. The best time of year to hike up to the top of Mount Tahoe. The best time to visit the South Lake Tahoe Community College campus and speak with some of their professors.


Whether you are visiting in the spring or the summer, you want to try to hit the snow when it’s warm enough to ski. In the winter, the crowds are smaller and the weather warmer. However, crowds do still build up in late March and early April. The crowds start to thin out later in April and the snow ends later in June. For a slightly calmer skiing experience, visit the beginning of May. The warmest times to ski at that time are early mornings and late evenings.

Tahoe is best enjoyed in the spring when the crowds are smaller. There are less people at the lake with fewer cars on the roads. It’s also a good time to go hiking and observe the many wildflowers in bloom. The crowds are a lot thinner in the spring. However, a great time for a day trip to see some of the area’s local wildflowers is in April when you can visit the annual Rose Festival.


When to visit Tahoe in the summer? In summer, the crowds get smaller because the sun is shining stronger. However, temperatures are still quite warm so you can enjoy your days more when compared to the cold days of winter.

Tahoe’s warm enough to ski or stroll. The crowds are smaller and it’s still beautiful in the morning. This is the best time of year to hit the slopes if you like to travel slowly and quietly. However, the crowds can be overwhelming at certain times of the season such as early December. For this, look for one of the mountain ski resorts that run out of ski equipment a few days before the snow comes in. At this time, Tahoe’s best days to be skiing are in the late afternoon and early evening.


A popular time to visit Tahoe is in the fall. Crowds are smaller and temperatures are cooler. However, crowds can get to be quite a pain! Also, fall is the time of year when Tahoe is at its most beautiful. Clear skies, a gorgeous landscape and the most stunning views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains all make fall the most popular time to visit Tahoe by many visitors.

Late Summer

If you like crowds, this is the best time to visit lake Tahoe. With the crowds are gone, you can enjoy lake Tahoe’s scenery and ski trail without the crowds. This is also the season to enjoy one of Tahoe’s most popular activities: skiing. While the south lake Tahoe runs are still full most of the time, the north lake has a milder ski season.

Late Fall / Early Winter

Ski season is not in Tahoe’s makeup so this is the best time to visit. In the early winter, temperatures may reach freezing point making skiing virtually impossible. The north Tahoe mountains are home to more snow than the south Tahoe and it is thicker in winter. However, if you can resist the bitter cold, there are areas around the north Tahoe that are hospitable to skiers. If you are fortunate enough to be able to ski then you should try to do it during one of the higher snowfall periods.

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