The Fascinating World of Hello Kitty Theme Parks

The famous Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo is one of the most visited tourist spots in Japan. Tourists from all over the world fly to this wonderful theme park to enjoy the many different rides, roller coasters and other attractions it has to offer. Even people who live in the country itself fly to this wonderful destination just to have fun at the famous park. For them, it is a once in a lifetime experience to visit a world-class theme park, enjoy the shopping experience, and to take part in the activities and events being held there.

In order to be able to visit Tokyo’s most famous place, you need to make sure that you do not leave out the places in and around Tokyo that you should not miss. Among these places are the Tokyo Disney Land and the Tokyo Puroland. These are two of the biggest attractions of the two parks. The main difference between these two parks is that the Disney Park offers lots of family attractions that children will surely enjoy. Meanwhile, the Puroland offers a more adult-oriented theme park with many of the toy makers of the famous Japanese cartoon series. Here are some of the things that you can do while taking your kids to these two great establishments.

Both of the famous Hello Kitty theme parks in Tokyo offer different kinds of rides and attractions for kids and adults. You can definitely find something that will be appealing to both kids and to the adults in order to keep your kids occupied for hours. There are also lots of shows and performances that are held in both of the parks, making your day even more exciting.

Aside from the popular hello kitty theme park in Tokyo, another good attraction is the Tokyo Disney Land. This theme park lies in the area of Ogasawara town, which is also in the Chuo Koen district of Ogasawara town. This theme park is actually divided into three parts namely the Niseko Area, the Chuo Koen East Area, and the Chuo Koen West Side Area. Among these three areas, the central section is considered as the Tokyo Disney Land.

It has five themed areas of attractions which are based on the cartoon show, Hello Kitty. Among the included attractions are the Hello Kitty Powerpuff Girls Poltergeist Forest, Hello Kitty Powerpuff Girls Rock Wallowing Area, My Pillow Pets Hello Kitty’s Theme Park, Hello Kitty Ninjas Attack, Hello Kitty Panic Lab, and the Powerpuff Girls Go to Bed Area. Aside from these, there are also several other attractions that are found in this park. In addition, the park also features several shops and restaurants that feature various items that are based on the show including foods, drinks, and clothing. All these things are placed in strategic places, making it easier for people to move around the park.

Last but not the least, the Shanghai Disneyland Theme Park is the final installment of the famous Hello Kitty theme parks. Another impressive attraction of the park is the Shanghai Olympic Park, which serves as the base of the Shanghai Disneyland. The main attractions include the Hollywood Studios, China Town, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Tomorrowland. The Hollywood Studios includes the Studios Movie House, the Pantage Theater, the Universal City Ticket Building, the Disney-MGM Studio, and lots of other important buildings. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower houses LCD screens which display movies from all over the world.

On the other hand, the Shanghai Disneyland also features an indoor theme park called Cyber Towers. This park holds numerous exhibits and features video games such as Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox. Also, there are plenty of interactive areas and stages featuring video game shows and dramatic presentations. Moreover, there are also several mini-games that are ideal for kids and fun seekers.

In summary, Hello Kitty theme parks in China are getting bigger and better every year. Aside from these two giant parks, there are several smaller ones located in and around the great Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. As a matter of fact, Shanghai Disneyland is currently becoming the biggest attraction of the city! What’s more, tourists can take photos with their favorite cartoon characters at an outdoor exhibition hall, while traveling to and from the park. With such amazing adventures and attractions, it is no wonder why kitty lovers from all over the world are planning to go to Shanghai anytime soon.

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