What Can a Convicted Felon Get a Green Card For?

Generally, yes, you can receive a passport as a convicted felon. This is simply because most passports are actually used as identification documents; therefore, they don’t contain detailed criminal background data on file. Nonetheless, a convicted felon can still be denied a U.S. Passport if he or she: has used illegal drugs in the past five years; was a sex offender; has renounced their American citizenship; was a military personnel convicted of desertion or discharged from active duty; or was under the age of eighteen at the time of application. These types of records and others like them will not be readily available to the FBI. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does have these types of databases; however, they are not accessible to the general public.

Convicted felons are not usually allowed to travel outside of their state of residence. However, they can leave the country if they can obtain a passport. If this happens, the procedure for getting one is very similar to applying for a U.S. Passport. They can apply directly with the consulate of their state of residence. A certified copy of their birth certificate can serve as proof of identity and their right to travel to another country. They can also provide proof of residency through their valid identification card.

In order to leave the country, a convicted felon must meet many eligibility requirements. These include: having served his or her jail sentence; being at least 18 years old; not have previously been involved in a felony conviction; not have held a foreign citizenship; and not be on parole. While the laws of many countries do vary, anyone can apply for a U.S. Passport once these requirements are met. However, anyone who is in violation of the law when traveling abroad can face criminal charges when returning to their country.

Many convicted felons find that applying for a Green Card can be a difficult process. This status is the best available to those who were serving a sentence for three or fewer years. While a pardon may free them from prison, it does not leave them free to travel. Convicted felons can apply for Green Card by presenting documents such as prison records, military records, police records, and other public records.

How long does it take to get an American Passport? It can take anywhere from eighteen to twenty-one days. Even if you are granted permission to stay in the United States, it is important to remember that this is only a temporary measure and not a permanent one. Once a convicted felon is released from prison, they can no longer apply for a Passport. If you wish to follow this option, plan ahead as it can take anywhere from eighteen to twenty-one days for a Passport to be issued.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional criminal defense attorney? A lawyer who specializes in defending convicted felons will know what type of documents need to be submitted and how long it can take to get them approved. Convicted felons who have served time in jail or prison can experience difficulty adjusting to new jobs and school. This can be emotionally difficult. A lawyer can help them through the process and make sure their rights are protected throughout the application and approval process.

What can a convicted felon do to apply for a Green Card? If they meet the qualifications, an experienced attorney can help them fill out the necessary forms, submit appropriate documentation and get their application approved. They can also represent their attorney at any interviews which might be required. Once a green card is issued, it is permanent and cannot be taken away.

How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney? It can depend on several factors. Experience and education are the most important components. Depending on how long the case has been pending, it can take anywhere from four to twelve months to process your application. If you’re lucky, it can be over in a few weeks!

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