When Is Hurricane Season In The Bahamas?

The Bahamas have arguably the most active hurricane season on the western side of the Caribbean. Hurricane season officially runs between June 1st to November 30th, but it is not uncommon to see Category 3 and greater hurricanes in late May or early June in the Bahamas.

Most of the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean are thought to be linked to either a tropical storm that formed offshore or one that came ashore as a tropical storm. In most cases, these hurricanes weaken once they make contact with land.

However, some hurricanes strong as they move inland. The strength of a hurricane can be influenced by the width and vertical distance that an area experiences wind, the humidity level, rainfall, clouds, and other atmospheric conditions.

As such, the high humidity that characterizes most hurricane seasons is commonly found along and near the coastline. High humidity makes it more likely for hurricanes to form and strengthen, although this is not true across the entire Caribbean.

For example, high humidity is not associated with a hurricane in late May or early September in the northern Caribbean (from the north coast of Mexico up into northern New England), but it is more common in this time of the year in southern Cuba and the Bahamas.

Hurricane season is also more likely to have a high air pressure system than any other time of year, especially in late summer/early fall. This high pressure can keep low pressure areas dry and can often prevent rain from penetrating lower pressure areas. It can also increase the speed and duration of wind chills.

Hurricane season is also associated with warmer temperatures than other months. Since it is warmer during the rainy season, the chances of tropical storm development is higher. Additionally, hurricanes tend to produce stronger winds, which can cause significant damage to homes and other coastal structures.

As mentioned above, the high humidity of the Bermuda and Caribbean brings this risk. At the same time, high humidity makes hurricanes much harder to forecast and thus the chance of severe weather increases as well.

The average high humidity is said to be around the seventy-degree mark during the hurricane season on average, although this may vary slightly from season to season. If your home is located near the coast, then you are at the greatest risk.

In general, though, you should avoid central locations like New Orleans and the Florida Keys during hurricane season. When in doubt, consult a Bahamas real estate agent?

Hurricane season is also known to have financial and monetary impacts on residents of the Bahamas. Since tourism is a mainstay in the Bahamas, residents are particularly sensitive to changes in ticket prices and the potential expenses related to hurricane season.

Real estate professionals expect that the cost of rental properties will rise, with some locations seeing increases of more than fifteen percent. Many tourists plan their trips to the Bahamas around this time, so any impact on visitors’ spending power could be considerable.

When is hurricane season in the Bahamas? Typically, the high humidity and wet atmosphere make hurricane season in the Bahamas from the end of September through the beginning of May.

In the southernmost part of the state, the end of April to the beginning of May sees the least amount of rainfall experienced during any month of the year. The northeast corner of the state, however, sees more rain over the months of June to August.

During the hurricane season, the humidity is at its highest point, usually from October into March. However, it can still be quite cool compared to the heat experienced by residents on the other side of the island chain.

The temperatures on the paradise island can reach as high as ninety degrees Fahrenheit during the peak rainy season, but the humidity tends to die down by April. The high humidity can actually help reduce the damage of hurricanes since clouds tend to block the high-pressure areas of rain.

Overall, the best time of year to visit the Caribbean is from late in the fall through early in the spring. When it comes to hurricanes, the best time to avoid the season is from late in the fall to late in the spring. However, when visiting the islands of the Bahamas, whether you’re a resident, or a tourist, make sure to check out the high humidity that hurricanes can bring.

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