3 of the Top Hostels in Amsterdam For Backpackers

Staying in one of the top hostels in Amsterdam can make any vacation one remember. With a host of travelers choosing this beautiful city as their vacation spot, there has never been a better time to find cheap hotels or budget accommodations while in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Staying at one of the top hostels in Amsterdam will give you a unique travel experience that you will never forget. Organized by YOUR personal travel wants, this informative guide will aid you to weed through all the best of Amsterdam’s hostels in order for you to confidently book your stay and get back home to what really matters.

What to Expect From Hostels in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When looking to stay at one of the top hostels in Amsterdam, it is absolutely essential that you find the right accommodations for your stay. In addition to the rooms themselves, you should also consider the amenities that each Amsterdam hotel offers to its guests, especially the complimentary breakfast, in addition to other amenities like a fitness center, a restaurant, and even a lounge or bar. Some hostels in Amsterdam offer free wifi on-site, which will allow you quick and easy access to the rest of your Amsterdam hotel. Other hostels offer limited free wifi access in some of their guestrooms, but generally, the majority of the hostels offer free wifi throughout the hotel.

Staying at one of the top hostels in Amsterdam will put you near virtually every tourist hotspot. There are numerous parks, museums, and monuments in Amsterdam that are just waiting to be visited. One of the most popular attractions for solo travelers in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark, which is Holland’s largest public park. Here, you will find plenty of scenic views, as well as shops and restaurants to enjoy while strolling around this beautiful park. The Vondelpark is also home to a world-class water park, called Waterpark Land, which is only about 10 minutes from the heart of Amsterdam. If you stay at one of the top hostels in Amsterdam, you will be just a short walking distance away from Waterpark Land.

Another popular attraction for tourists and locals alike is Amsterdam’s Central Station. It is also the tallest building in the city, and while it is easy to navigate, it can get very confusing navigating the underground tunnels. Fortunately, staying at one of the many Amsterdam hostels in the Dormitioners quarter, just next to the underground train station, is a great solution for any traveler looking for an easy way to navigate the city. Staying at one of the many dormitory buildings, such as St. John’s Hostel, Maastricht, or Staykok Amsterdam Vondelpark, you will be just a short walking distance from all the attractions in the city.

One of the best hostels in Amsterdam that can make your stay a memorable one is the Amsterdam Flying Beach Hostel. This is a large Amsterdam landmark that has been transformed into a very exciting tourist attraction, especially for visitors that come with kids. With plenty of things to do and see, the Flying Beach is one of the most well-loved landmarks in Amsterdam and is easily accessible from the centrally-located Amsterdam Airport. It is also one of the top hostels in Amsterdam that you would want to stay in when visiting this beautiful city.

Leidseplein is another great choice for travelers looking for one of the best hostels in Amsterdam, as it offers a more authentic experience. Located directly in the heart of the city center, you will be able to access the best attractions from almost anywhere in the city center. Staying at one of these Amsterdam flying beach hostels will give you the chance to visit some of the more traditional sides of the city, while at the same time, taking in some of the more modern aspects of Amsterdam. The Leidseplein Amsterdam flying beach hostels are perfect for families as well as groups of friends.

The third type of great Amsterdam hostel is the collection of Amsterdam’s epic hostels that is perfect for travelers looking to travel on a budget. The Eero and Vondelpark Hostels are two of the more popular options that are available in the Amsterdam city center and are great places to stay for travelers on a budget. With many of the Eero offering free transport to and from the airport and with special packages for young children that include free train fare, the Eero and Vondelpark are ideal places to travel if your travel needs involve budget travel. These two Amsterdam travel destinations are also great places to begin a bicycle tour of the city.

When it comes to inexpensive Amsterdam hotels, you’ll want to think long and hard about how much your budget will allow for your travel needs. There are plenty of great Amsterdam hostels in the city center that is very reasonably priced, but some of the most luxurious accommodations are going to cost you substantially more than you may be able to afford. A few of the best Amsterdam hotels for backpackers include the Maastricht Hotel, which offers travelers great comfort for an affordable price and is located near some of the best shopping in the Amsterdam area. The SoHo Hotel is another great option for backpackers, as it is centrally located and easily accessible to the many different aspects of Amsterdam. When it comes to finding the best places to stay in Amsterdam for backpackers, keep in mind that there are plenty of options that are inexpensive in addition to luxurious.

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