A Primer on Alabama Hills Camping

A lot of the best camping locations in the United States can be found in the great state of Alabama. One such location is the famous Sabine River Canyon, which is in southern Alabama. For those who enjoy a bit more excitement on their vacations, there is the option of a camping trip to the top of Mount Mitchell, a mountain located in northern Alabama. Whether you want a hiking adventure or a sightseeing escapade, these are some of the best Alabama hills camping locations that you will find.

The Hikers: While hiking along the rivers and in the mountains might not be everyone’s idea of heaven, it certainly has its own special attractions. In addition to the natural beauty, you also get the chance to do some “real” hiking. There are a number of trails suitable for the “hiking novice”, but those who have experience in this sort of thing will find some of the easier trails much more rewarding.

The Road: If you are in all probability a bit tired of the highway, perhaps you would like to add some excitement to your trip by taking a road trip. Mobile homes and RV’s can provide the perfect mobile home base for a camping trip, as they generally offer more room than your average tent and have access to some of the most beautiful things in the country. There are numerous road trips available in northern Alabama. Take a short drive up the Smoky Mountain Trail, or take a long trek up one of the many rivers in the area. If you prefer to take a bus or a train, you will be able to find some affordable tours throughout the greater Mobile, Alabama area.

The Boulders: One of the great things about camping in the woods is being able to come back to camp in a beautiful place with all of your gear still intact. If you are going to the mountains in the middle of springtime, there is nothing like exploring a rocky outcrop with your sleeping bag at your side, looking down at a valley below where hundreds of tiny boulders are waiting for you. Guided tours of some of the better Alabama hills camping sites give you the opportunity to see these boulders up close. These boulders are great places to sit and survey your environment.

Hiking: When you are in the middle of springtime, it is time for some hiking. Mobile residents love to hike the numerous hiking trails through beautiful scenery and brush-covered mountains. You will be able to view some amazing rock formations when you go camping in the woods. Some of the best hiking grounds can be found in Tuscaloosa, Newnan, and Montgomery. There are also several mobile campsites scattered around various regions throughout the campgrounds. Hiking is one of the best ways to spend your days in the Alabama mountains.

Snow-Capped Mountains: Camping in the deep winter months can be an adventure in itself. Once you have reached the temperatures that the snow-capped mountains can support, it is time to venture into the wilderness to enjoy a true feeling of the wild. There are many hunting opportunities, so you can stay out all day and spot a few animals along your way. The wildlife that you will encounter while on your Alabama hills camping trip is truly remarkable. You should take your binoculars on your trip because the Alabama forests are home to a variety of birds, deer, and other wildlife that you will be hard-pressed to see anywhere else.

Lone Pine and White River National Recreation Area: Located just south of Montgomery, the Lone Pine and White River National Recreation Area offers hiking enthusiasts the chance to experience the thrill of deep forest camping and the beauty of the cooler mountain air. The area is known for its vast natural pine woodlands as well as beautiful rolling hills that lead into deep valleys. You will be able to find a variety of unique plants and animals along your hike. The most popular animal species are the bald eagle, black bear, mule deer, and turkey.

Hiking in the wilderness is not for the faint of heart, but with a little bit of preplanning, you will be prepared for your camping trip. It is important to know exactly where you will be going on your trek. Most of the trails in the woods are very steep and dangerous, so do not go hiking alone. If you plan to bring your dog on your trip, be sure to check with the campground regarding its safety. Hiking in the woods is a very rewarding experience, but one that requires a bit of planning. So when you are ready to hit the trails, don’t forget to consider the beautiful Alabama hills camping sites that are waiting for you.

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