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Boutique hotels are a refreshing concept that provides comfortable accommodation at an affordable price. They are also an ideal solution for those who like to stay in trendy yet affordable hotels. Boutique hotels in Chicago are distinguished by their chic and refined interiors. A wide range of amenities, such as cable TV, free Internet access, and private safety features, allow them to provide an exhilarating stay.

The boutique style of hotels is divided into two categories – the traditional bed and breakfast and the boutique suites. These are easily distinguishable from each other, since the latter have a more modernized design with chic furniture, while the former are designed to look like a traditional suite. A good example of a boutique suite is the one you will find at the Royal Palace Hotel in Chicago. This chic room has four bedrooms and spacious living spaces, including a conference room and a spa.

It has a single fully furnished unit and includes a fully staffed kitchen. Other rooms are similarly furnished, but with more individualized touches. They include a sitting room, a whirlpool bathtub, a kitchenette, and a home gym. In addition to having a modern kitchen, it has a gas fireplace and a balcony that overlook the river.

The Parkview Hotel is a perfect place to stay during your Chicago trip. This luxury hotel offers five hundred guestrooms and they are all beautifully decorated. Their courteous staff provides you with attentive service and you can count on excellent room service. They have a spa treatment and they even have a sauna. The rooms are comfortable and the service is top notch.

The Victoria Hotel is another chic option that has a focus on quality over quantity. The rooms are all tastefully decorated and the staff makes your stay enjoyable. There is a full-service salon attached to the hotel and all the amenities you would expect are included in your suite. You will have a modern kitchen with stove and refrigerator available for use by you and your family. There is also a fully equipped fitness center where you can use the machines and work out.

The Grand Hyatt is a chic hotel that caters to the traveler looking for chic rooms and great amenities. The room amenities include a washer/dryer and a cable TV package. If you want to experience something new you might consider the guest room with a Jacuzzi tub or a steam room.

The Omni Hotel

The Omni Hotel is another one of the chic options in Chicago. This hotel caters to those looking for chic comforts. It has an in house restaurant where you can dine at a very reasonable price. The hotel also has a spa where you can use the treatments and pamper yourself. If you like your business meeting in a more formal setting, you might want to consider the penthouse room as the perfect setting.

The boutique hotels are a great way to stay in the city of Chicago. The rooms are quiet, clean, and offer a comfortable stay. You can choose between a suite or a standard room depending on your personal preference. They are quite convenient as they are located close to the city’s shopping areas and the entertainment venues. The staff is also friendly and willing to help you through every step of your stay. With the variety of boutique hotels available you are sure to find one to suit your taste and budget.

The W hotel is located at the downtown area. It is a fine example of chic accommodation. There are two floor plans that provide additional sleeping options for those who wish to add some extra comfort. There are separate guest bedroom and living quarters that are decorated in a traditional style.

The Grand Hyatt

The Grand Hyatt Regency is a fine example of contemporary chic options in the hotel industry. There are nine floors of luxury. Each floor is themed in a unique color. The hotel features a fitness center where you can work out and enjoy the warm days. The pool is quite large and you will find it convenient to get a car rental when you leave the hotel. The Grand Hyatt Regency is family oriented and you will have a number of children ranging from infants to teens staying in the guestrooms.

The Oakwoods is another fine choice. This hotel boasts an approximate 29-room capacity. The Oakwoods has a high quality of service and you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality every time. The hotel features an onsite fitness center. In addition, the Oakwoods is centrally located and the transportation options are second to none.

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