Camping at Santa Barbara's Coast

The sun, the surf, the beach, and the hills – what’s not to love about a day spent camping in Santa Barbara? With a wealth of outdoor activities to explore, you are sure to find the perfect spot for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you enjoy backpacking through the wilds of the Pacific coastline or soaring through the clear blue sky over the hills of the San Diego Mountains, there’s no better place to experience all that California has to offer. Here are four of our favorite campgrounds in and around the Santa Barbara region.

Campgrounds dot the southern California landscape, from coastal stretches of land to mountain ranges. The most popular camping spots are along the Pacific Ocean in the Pacifica region, including Pelican State Beach, located between Pacifica and San Miguel National Forests; along the rocky cliffs of the Tule Rock and off the shore of Cabo San Lucas; and in the far-reaching deserts of Nevada and Arizona. Depending on the season, the camping opportunities will vary widely. However, no matter where you choose to camp, you will be able to find a peaceful and fun place to visit on your camping trip in Santa Barbara.

If you want a more remote camping experience, then look no further than the famous Santa Barbara Coast. Situated between the Pacific and the Santa Barbara Channel, this campground is home to some of the most spectacular views in the region. Close, to two dozen miles of sandy beaches, a great variety of ocean wildlife, and breathtaking ocean panoramas will take your breath away. Some of the more popular attractions near the coast include the irreplaceable fossils of dinosaurs found at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the City of Santa Barbara and the world-famous “Cape Horn” which are the offshore break of millions of oysters. Other amenities at this Santa Barbara coast campground include a playground, a fire ring, swimming areas for kids, and other facilities. No campground in Santa Barbara is complete without the traditional favorite of hot dogs and peanuts roasted on an open fire.

If you prefer a more urbanized style of camping, then you might want to consider staying at one of the many Santa Barbara camping hotels. While these lodgings offer many of the same amenities as a Santa Barbara camping site, they are located inside the greater Los Angeles area instead of in the wilderness of the Santa Barbara National Forest. These lodges are available for a number of different types of trips, from long weekend getaways to day trips to nearby beach towns. Most of these lodges are within a half-hour drive to the beach, mountain trails, picnic areas, art galleries, and other tourist attractions. If you are looking for a more rural, unpolluted setting, you can also find lodging in the hills surrounding the town of Oxnard, where you will feel much closer to nature.

Not only do Santa Barbara campground reservations and itinerary plans give you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and wildlife of this scenic region, but they also give you plenty of time to visit other nearby attractions. Just a few hours north of Los Angeles you’ll discover the world-famous Gaviota State Park, home to a population of over 9 million birds. Other nearby attractions include the Solitude Place Campgrounds in Carpinteria and the San Jacinto Mountains.

Of course, you don’t have to stay on the beach to enjoy Santa Barbara’s natural beauty. Many local businesses provide outdoor recreation activities like fishing and hiking, making the area perfect for day trips to nearby cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Just a few hours north of downtown Santa Barbara lies the Pacific Ocean, home to world-renowned whale watching tours. And just a short drive east of the town of Morro Bay is the beautiful San Diego Zoo, one of the favored destinations of local families.

If outdoor activities aren’t your liking, don’t fear because staying at a Santa Barbara camping beach camping vacation rental is just as comfortable as staying in an upscale hotel. With plenty of hotels around the Santa Barbara area, it’s easy to find one that offers a good discount. And even if you don’t, many of these businesses offer specials that include free or cheap gas, electricity, and even breakfast. When it comes to activities, the choices are limitless. The park offers over two hundred different miles of trails ideal for hiking and biking, as well as horseback riding, boating, swimming, fishing, and even surfing. There are also places to peruse art galleries, visit museums, or take part in water sports like kayaking or windsurfing.

Even if you prefer to just relax and be left to do nothing, there are still plenty of Santa Barbara camping options for you to choose from. Some areas have only a few good campgrounds, while other coastal parks have entire campsites filled with cabins. Some are remote and only accessible by boat or hiking equipment, while others are right next to the ocean. Regardless of what your idea of a perfect vacation is, you’re sure to find it here on the California coast.

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