Camping at Silverwood Lake

Most popular Silverwood Lake Camping locations ready to book; discover the best spots to go to in California! State park campground close to Silverwood Lake and San Bernardino, also known as “The Natural Preserve” is only a mouse click away. Looking for the best outdoor vacation ideas? Enjoy a relaxing trip to California and stay close to Silverwood Lake!

Camping at a campsite is great for the whole family and a perfect alternative to hotels and resorts. You’ll never have to worry about bugs or disturbing noises. Enjoy the serene beauty of the lakes and rivers with a comfortable outdoor tent or boat rental. Hire a sailboat or enjoy a variety of water sports on the lake.

To make sure that you get the most out of your camping trip, check out our “RV Parks and Campsites”. Some campgrounds allow RV’s but not all. If you do find an open campsite, there are usually facilities and amenities available such as bathrooms, power outlets, showers, dump stations, and playgrounds. There are also shops within walking distance of most campsites. Some parks will have full-service campgrounds while others will have “patio parking”. Each of these services provides all the basic campground amenities – showers, bathrooms, power, internet, etc.

A campsite around the perimeter of the lake offers excellent views of the surrounding area but may not be open seasonally. The RV Resort in San Bernardino offers many wonderful amenities. The campground itself has two lakes with shady sandy beaches. Each lake has its own restroom with an attached sink and swimming pool. It is easy to access San Bernardino Mountain National Park from the campground and many hiking and biking trails can be found nearby.

Camping at the campground provides more freedom than camping inside the park. You can drive out to the sea or hike to the top of the canyon. However, most visitors are more interested in having some creature comforts close by such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and so on. There are separate areas for day use and overnight use. You can get a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the shore or decking near your campsite.

Hiking trails can be found leading into the San Bernardino National Forest. Several hiking trails around the lake area lead to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Several unique waterfalls and rock formations are also found near the campsite. The San Bernardino National Forests is managed by the California Department of Forest Resources. All visitors, whether they have an RV or are just renting a boat, are required to abide by all campground and forest regulations.

Another option for family vacationing is Silverton Lake, State Park. Camping at the park provides more freedom than could ever be accomplished at a conventional camping site. The lake area is remote, yet provides camping opportunities within a small village setting. This theme park also offers boat rentals, RV hookups, and a host of other amenities. The lake area has restrooms, drinking fountains, and picnic areas.

If the family is more interested in short days with limited hiking or boating options, then the visitor center should be considered. It is located on a portion of the lake that is not lit up during the daytime. But, even if it is not possible to utilize the picnic tables or restroom facilities, it is still a wonderful site for day use. There are two RV campgrounds in the immediate area along with a full shopping center and snack bar.

For those who prefer water-based activities while camping, boating is an option as well. Silverwood Lake State Park offers two trails that provide access to hiking, boating and fishing. Hikers can choose to walk the two miles of trails or take part in one of the four Class A motorized boats available for rent.

Another way to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding area is by spending some time at the Silverwood lake marina. At the marina, visitors can purchase equipment and spend some time in the water watching wildlife. There are many dining options also available on the marina property. Visitors can stay at a rustic-style cottage or a more modern hotel-style unit. There are several campsites and RV sites located on the lake itself, allowing for easy transportation back to the lake area. For those interested in horse riding, the Campmorama campground is the place to go.

Camping at one of the Silverwood Lake campgrounds will allow visitors to experience a bit of Americana while camping in beautiful surroundings. The campgrounds are close to lake recreation areas, public parks, and even the Silverwood Mountain Golf and Dance Club. Those looking for more activities can find things to do at the nearby marina. Hiking, boating, and fishing are only a few of the many choices one can have while staying near one of the campgrounds. Those looking for more permanent home sites can also find an affordable real estate unit on one of the campgrounds near the water.

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