Camping at Two Campsites on Half Moon Bay CA

Camping at Half Moon Bay State Beach in New Jersey is a popular summer attraction. This location is very close to New York City and is right by the East Coast Trail. The beach here features a picturesque view of the Manhattan skyline from atop the cliffs above the water. A variety of activities and facilities are found in this New Jersey shoreside campground. Here are some Half Moon Bay campground facts that you should know.

This popular campground in New Jersey has tent & basic RV sites as well as full moon and luxury beach cabins. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning/heaters and ample parking. Other amenities include picnic tables, fire pits, playgrounds and boat ramps.

There are two types of facilities found at the half moon bay camping site. There are private campgrounds and public camping areas. Public campgrounds consist of cabins and land that is open to the public for camping or recreational purposes. Most of these are very large so that a crowd can be contained within the same area. Here you will find privates showers and toilets along with potty facilities.

The private half moon bay camping site is available to campers who want more privacy and personal spaces. However, many of these campsites are located near creeks or rivers so that the hiker or boater may access them easily. This type of campsite is also available with secluded bathrooms, showers and private porches. Most of these campsites are within a short walking distance to trails used for backpacking, hiking and nature studies. There are also accessible sites on the peninsula that feature pavilions, fire rings, pavilions and equipped with showers and toilets.

Half moon Bay Camping area features miles of white sandy beaches ideal for families or couples to take a dip in the sea and watch whales playing with the sand. Whale watching is one of the popular activities to do in the area. In this summer season, whales migrate from their pods in the Southern Hemisphere to the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean. Whale watching is a great activity to do while you are camping in the Halfmoon Bay Campgrounds. You can be as close to the actual experience as you want, however it is still easy to get someplace out of the way if you are not a fan of whales. There are also areas in the Halfmoon Bay Camping area where you can sit and have your photograph taken with a whale or you can go swimming and have a great time observing marine animals close by.

If you prefer RV parks to campsites then you will want to visit the Half Moon Bay RV Park. This rustic, country themed campground offers both facilities to people who want to camp in a tent or enjoy the beach camping experience. The Half Moon Bay RV Park has two sites located on the bay side of the Half Moon Island Campgrounds and you can either choose to park your motor home on the beach side of the park, or if you would rather, camp at the campground itself. Some of the amenities that are offered at the campground include free wireless internet, fire rings, free parking, as well as electricity for power tools.

If you would prefer to have more facilities and choices, then you can visit the San Miguel Beach Camping Ground. This family friendly campground offers amenities such as showers and bathrooms at each site, a sink and cooler for drinking water, as well as electrical outlets. This campground is also much more accessible than the Half Moon Bay Campground, making it an ideal choice for families or couples looking for a little more in-depth camping experience. There are multiple sites located near the beach on Half Moon Bay Road, allowing campers to easily make it to the beach with ease. There are also numerous on-site restaurants and snack bars for campers to stop at while on the way to their next camping spot.

In choosing between the two campgrounds, you may want to consider what each offers in terms of accessibility. The location of the campsite is one of the most important factors that will affect your camping experience. If you would prefer to be closer to the ocean, then San Miguel Bay Campground may be better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you prefer being on the opposite end of the spectrum from the ocean, then the Half Moon Bay Campground may be the perfect choice for you. Both campgrounds offer wonderful accommodations, food options, and close access to the amenities that you need for your next camping trip. Once you decide where you would like to stay, then it’s time to choose the perfect campground to accommodate you!

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