Camping Hot Spots In New Zealand - Three Valleys - Waimangu, Akaroa, Kaitaia

Three Valley Camping in New Zealand is not only a great way to holiday in a beautiful country, it’s also one of the most popular destinations in the Bay of Plenty for camping. Accommodation is not a problem in the Bay of Plenty with three good campsites and many choices of accommodation. The three valleys that make up New Zealand’s Three Valleys are connected by the Lake Maori, with the North Island’s West Coast and East Coast connecting through Wairau. You’ll find spectacular views from miles around in the scenic Maori Valley and the stunning Wairau Valley. When you choose Three Valleys Camping and RV, you get to experience this incredible area at your own pace.

The Three Valleys Camping and RV Park are managed by volunteers and are open to the public. This unique campground offers three miles of remote tracks and views of the majestic mountains that surround the country. You’ll find panoramic hiking routes, mountain biking tracks, and deep powder skiing in the park’s peaks. There are plenty of campsites available for overnight accommodation, including many that are close to the exciting activities and amenities of the Three Valleys Camping and RV Park.

In the heart of the Three Valleys, situated above the quaint town of Waimangu Valley, is the Wairau Lakes. This is a world heritage site with a network of lakes, streams, and geysers. The lakes have been put off for public access and are open for camping. There are a number of facilities on site including a nature center, lodge, swimming pool, and campfire. This park offers all the makings of an enjoyable camping holiday.

Just off the Wairau Lakes lies Lake Albert, another world heritage site with its serene rolling hills and deep forests. The beautiful Lake Albert Camping and RV Park are on offer from May through October. Lake Albert is a good base to explore the nearby countryside, including Te Anau, Kaikoura, and Papamoa. This campground also has a bar and restaurant. At the end of the campground, you will find Lake Albert’s swimming pool and kiddies lake, making it an ideal place for your three-valley camping trips.

The three valleys of Waimangu, Akaroa, and Kaitaia are named after their scenic terrain and natural beauty. This group of three valleys is best experienced by hiking, which makes it an ideal destination for three valley camping trips. It offers magnificent scenery, including glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes. The Waimangu River, which meanders through the three valleys, is a popular spot for fly fishing.

Close by are the three valleys of Waimangu, Akaroa, and Kaitaia. These two cities, along with the charming hamlet of Mount Cargill, are also popular with campers seeking adventure on their three-day camping trips. Campers can enjoy a peaceful river ride as they journey through the valley. At the end of their venture, they will be well-rested and ready for the return journey.

If you are looking to make your three valleys – Waimangu, Akaroa, and Kaitaia – into a family holiday, consider a camping holiday in New Zealand. There are numerous three-day camping holidays available all throughout the country. They are small, convenient, and affordable compared to a traditional holiday. The beauty of these kinds of holiday camps is that families may spend a week in a location of their choosing – a beach, a forest, or a beach, depending on what appeals to them.

With a little preparation and research, a three-day trip to this part of the country, such as a camping stay at an inn, can provide hours of cherished memories. Begin your adventure in the Waimangu Valley, where you will find a wide variety of adventure activities like trekking, white water rafting and rock climbing. Go to the Te Anau Valley for spectacular views of Lake Taupo and the surrounding area. For those interested in canoeing, try the Waiheke River. Or, go high up in the mountains to enjoy the views and sights of Mount Cook and other nearby mountains.

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