Camping in Santa Cruize For the Ultimate Camping Experience

Camping in the spring and summer in sunny California is a popular pastime for campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In Watsonville State Beach, just north of San Diego, a wide variety of accommodations are available to suit a wide variety of camping needs and budgets. The La Serena Beach Camping Resort in Watsonville offers four different campsites located throughout the La Serena Lagoon. Each site offers its own charm and proximity to nearby attractions and is perfect for families with young children as well as older couples looking to spend some quality time together.

The four-mile-long beach has enough excitement to keep visitors busy all day long, but it’s the calmness that makes this destination so popular. The natural landscape of the area, rich with wildlife and amazing scenery, provides the ideal setting for California camping trips. Seasonal, full-service campsite sites with nearby lake access, clean restrooms, flushable toilets, playground equipment, grills, picnic tables, fire rings, electricity and boat launches. The majority of California camping opportunities are located within one-half mile of the manhole covers.

Other popular California destinations include the San Diego-La Jolla Coast National Seashore and the Coronado State Beach. Both of these beaches offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and offer easy access to the sandy beaches of the Pacific coast. Both Coronado and San Diego State Beaches have camping facilities within walking distance and are easily accessible from the manresa state beach campground. The Coronado Beach campground is located on private beach land and there are no electricity or boat docks available to access the beach.

The La Jolla Cove Campsite at the La Jolla Cove State Beach is on public beach property and there are electric sites available for a fee. Campers can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean right from their campground location. There is a variety of different activities to do at the beach including surfing, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, snorkeling, and Jet skiing. The beach is very close to San Diego State University and is the starting point for many hiking and bike trails. The Cove Campground is also located on public beach property and is not owned by the state.

Another popular California destination for summer beach camping is the Coronado State Beach in San Diego. This popular campground has two full sites (plus one partial site) with plenty of space to spread out and get a good amount of exposure to the sun. The beach camping at Coronado State Beach provides convenient locations for swimming and fishing, as well as hiking and biking. Swimming at the beach is available year-round but it can get crowded during peak seasons. Many California camping grounds have picnic areas just meters away from the ocean. The Coronado State Beach campground has two full sites, which is where you will find restrooms, fire rings, and picnic tables.

Located in Watsonville, California, the Theresa State Beach Camping Park has a unique location on the landfill. This unique site offers several campsites spread out over three miles of beach. At each site, you will find a restroom, fire ring, picnic table, and other necessities. The campground offers a special program based on the First American Indian Removal.

Just a short distance from Watsonville, you’ll find the San Miguel State Beach Camping Park. The campgrounds are separated into two sections: the picnic and the hiking paths. The hiking path starts by walking under the overpasses that lead to the different campsites on the beach. At the third site, you will find a dump station, a restroom, and a lake. This is the closest campsite to the beach.

In addition to these two locations, there are numerous other places for camping at the Theresa State Beach Camping Park. These include the remote Mount Wilson State Reservation, where you can enjoy hiking along the rocky trails, viewing the endless rows of cacti with your own eye, and roasting hot dogs on the deck. You can also stop at the glamping sites that are dotting the landscape near the beach. For those who prefer not to make it to the beach for their camping experience, there are plenty of accommodations right on the shores of the lake.

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