Camping in Shaver Lake, California

Whether you are just starting to travel or have been RVing for some time, chances are you have heard of shaver lake camping. For those who have yet to hear of it, here is a quick description of the tradition and history. In the early days of RV camping, many people camped in tents at designated campgrounds with access to water. Some of those original campsites are still standing today.

Because there was no electricity at these campsites, it was necessary to bring along an electric-powered lantern or flashlight. Also, because it was necessary to use a generator for power, these areas had no running water or gas. For that reason, the first campgrounds in this area had no utilities, and all campsites had to be fueled with wood, charcoal, or pine needles. So, if you plan on going back to shaver lake camping in the future, you can understand how important these considerations were.

In addition to having no utilities, there also were no places to store your belongings while you traveled to and from your shaver lake camping location. However, with the advent of the electric lantern, someone started a campfire supply company. These companies are still around and are quite popular. These companies sell firewood, fire rocks, and other items that will keep your excursion fun and exciting. If you take the time to visit one of these companies before you leave, you will get the best camping experience you could ever hope for.

Also, if you go to any of these shaver lake camping grounds, you’ll see that they allow pets inside. But, you do need to be aware that there may be rules and regulations concerning pets at these campsites. If you’re traveling with a canine companion, you will definitely need to pack a crate. If you have a cat, you’ll need to leave it at home.

Since not everyone campers like to bring their dogs on their journeys, it makes sense that there are many RV camping grounds that allow you to bring your pets with you. Shaver Lake allows you to bring your pets with you on your RV trip, as long as you follow campfire etiquette. You can choose to keep your dog in a tent or on a leash, or you can allow him to roam free. If he wanders away, a pet-friendly campground attendant can chase him until he finds his way back to your RV.

You can enjoy all of the conveniences and luxuries of a campsite, but you have to know what you’re doing. It is absolutely necessary that you know the campground rules, so you and your animal don’t have a problem. There are also many pet-friendly RV parks, so you’ll have the comfort of a home when you’re camping with pets. Most RV parks welcome pets and allow them to sleep in pet-friendly cabins.

There are two main types of campgrounds in the Shaver Lake area: The lake is divided into seven campsites, and these are generally placed farther apart. There are also lots of trailers and fifth-wheel campgrounds. Your campsite will be set up so that you have easy access to water, lake and other attractions. Depending on your RV type and your destination, you will want to pick the site carefully. For example, if you decide to go to Northern California’s Redwood National Forests, you should pick a campsite in the north woods, so that you won’t be wasting any time or energy getting to the place. Be sure to check the site out before you commit to it.

When you plan your camping adventure, you should give serious consideration to booking a Shaver Lake campground. There are many advantages to this decision, not least of which is saving some money. You’ll need a campground fee every night, but even if you don’t bring your own RV, camping at a campground allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while saving money. Campgrounds accept reservations for both RV and tent camping, so you can make your reservation long in advance. If you like to go off the beaten path and do your own thing, this is a great option.

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