Catalina Island Camping And Safari Bus Tours

Camping on Santa Catalina Island is a unique and exciting escape to the wildness unlike any other in the densely urban Southern California area. There are clear blue ocean waters, with whales and dolphins, and rugged scrubby brushlands with a real herd of American Bison close by. It’s a great weekend getaway, with mountains to hike and colorful lagoons for snorkeling all year round, thanks to the Mediterranean climate. You can go fishing, boating, or play miniature golf on the pristine beaches. The island even has a beautiful and picturesque golf course, just seven miles from the beach.

But it’s not just the scenery that makes Catalina island camping such a delight. Its natural amenities make it one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world, giving you a truly “you-vana” experience. For example, the forested cliffs give way to lush rainforests, full of wildflowers and plant life. The lush canyons teem with wild animal life, and scattered everywhere are many species of birds and reptiles. Wild animals and plants have formed a self-sustaining ecosystem, which means you can enjoy your time out on the land without worrying about disturbing or harming any living thing.

There’s also no need to worry about disturbing other visitors to the site. Since there are no human campsites, other people don’t have to worry about disturbing the environment. This includes your dog. With modern facilities like a large dog park, you can bring your pet, stay out all day, and come back to a completely serene area. The two harbors campground offers modern amenities and friendly staff to make everyone feel welcome.

With so much to see and do, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of where to go and what to do on the vacation that is truly unforgettable. Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do on the island. Two harbors campground provides everything that a family would need for a wonderful adventure. Located on the west side of the island, the campgrounds are also close to the trails leading to the waterfall, Catalina Lake, and the adjacent village of Solamar.

On the east side of the island, camping is more common. This includes both day and overnight accommodations at two popular harbors – the Attalla and the Ramada. These harbors are very close to the trail leading to the waterfall and Catalina Lake. However, they are a bit farther away from the general store, swimming pools, hiking trails, and other attractions.

If you want to be even closer to all of these fun activities, the best option is to go on a Catalina island camping trip. There is a campground right next to the Ramada, which is a very short drive. You can find the campground in a very secluded area, far enough away that you will not be disturbed by the surrounding houses. You can also enjoy the quiet solitude of the camping grounds as you relax on the sunny beaches during your visit to the campground.

Another great activity to do while you’re on the island is enjoying the local cuisine. The two harbors campground has restaurants with delicious fresh seafood and the Attalla ferry terminal offers great lunch specials. When you’re ready for some shopping, head to the general store located in the village of Balboa Isabel Avenue. The store has an indoor/outdoor mall that is filled with local shops selling anything from fizzy soft drinks to apparel to jewelry. There are also small family-run cafes that serve continental snacks.

The campgrounds and the ferry terminal are not far from the many attractions in the area, like the Attalla and Ramada resorts. But if you want to get away from it all, it’s important to make your way back to the tranquil and pristine Catalina island by setting up a safari bus tour. The campgrounds are only a few miles away, but the landscape is unlike anything you have experienced before.

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