Finding the Best Zoos in California

Zoos and aquariums are fun places for people of all ages, but they can be very educational for kids as well. There is something magical about seeing animals up close and personal, and kids learn a lot about them from visiting a zoo. You can visit a number of different ones in California, so you’re bound to find the best zoo in California based upon your interests and your child’s needs. If you’re looking for an educational zoo for your children to visit while you’re on a trip to California, there are a few that are especially good. Here are some of them.

The Aquarium at the zoo: Even if you aren’t an animal lover, you’ll love visiting the Aquarium at the zoo. It offers all-rounded exhibits, including live animals, a large variety of diving expeditions, and a wide range of educational activities for kids of all ages. The Aquarium in Los Angeles is one of the best zoos in California, and it’s a great place for any family to go if they are traveling to Southern California or other parts of the United States. Visiting the Aquarium in California is sure to be a great educational experience for your children, as well as an enjoyable time for everyone else in the family.

Sea World

This amusement park in San Diego is very popular among tourists and locals. There are plenty of different rides, shows, and other attractions for kids, as well as some adult attractions as well.

Sea World fills up fast during the summer months, and it is well worth making the trip if possible. Of course, there is also the matter of the sharks at the nearby San Diego Zoo as well. Sea World is well worth a stop during a holiday stay in California, as it provides entertainment and education all at once.

Santa Ana Zoo

One of the larger zoos in southern California, the Santa Ana Zoo provides plenty of opportunities for enjoyment. There are numerous attractions, tours, and events on site, including a breeding ground for exotic mammals, as well as live animal shows.

While many people go to the Santa Ana Zoo strictly for the zoo excursions, it’s well worth the trip for the beautiful views and sights. In addition to seeing exotic animals in the wild, it is possible to take in some of the sights and sounds of the downtown area of Santa Ana, which is famous for their rich culture.

Big Bear Mountain Zoo

This is a zoo with many different options for all ages, from the cute little bunny rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils, to more exotic pets and rare species of animals. The zoo itself is home to over one million acres of beautiful land, trees, and features such as a volcano and lake.

While a few of the attractions may be pricey, they are well worth the admission price. Plus, there is no better place in Southern California to watch all types of wildlife.

Orange County Zoo

Perhaps best known for its exotic pets, the Orange County Zoo has been a top attraction for families in California since it opened in 1940. There are several exhibits and collections available, including not only a beautiful zoo environment, but also nature trails that bring visitors into the lush nature that is found within Orange County.

Additionally, the zoo features a nature center that features numerous interactive exhibits, as well as a food court that features many of the same foods that you would find at a theme park or major restaurant. The big bear alpine cave is an attraction in their own right, featuring a wide variety of colorful bears that can be viewed by the park visitors.

Happy Hollow Park

While it is not considered the best zoo or big bear alpine zoo in California, there are several attractions that this park has to offer visitors. With five different areas of interest and more than 100 different animal species, guests will never be bored with the variety of animals that are available to visit.

Besides the animals, this park offers several educational opportunities for children, such as horseback riding on the fort, hiking trips through the forest, and the ability to take part in some exciting water activities. For adults, there are many guided tours, treasure hunts, and buggy rides available to take part in. In addition, the park has two large swimming pools, a picnic area, and a kids’ play area.

The best zoos are designed to keep people involved with the animals on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or just want to see some animals up close and personal, these parks are the ideal locations for you to take your family or friends. California is filled with beautiful places to take the family, but Orange County offers some of the most special places to visit with the best zoos in California. With so many attractions to see and activities to participate in, you will never run out of things to do in this beautiful county.

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