How to Get Around Australia on the Cheap

How to get around Australia on the cheap is something that a lot of tourists often ask about. The country is well known for its vibrant cities and tourist attractions. Getting around Australia on the cheap can be done if you have a good map and a sense of adventure.

Travelers are advised to plan their routes ahead of time so that they do not waste precious time and effort traveling from one city to another in Australia. For information and tips on how to get around Australia on the cheap, check out the following pages:

Public Transportation in Australia

The easiest way to travel around all major cities in Australia is by using public transportation in Australia. Most major cities in Australia have buses, rail systems, and even ferry services that offer easy commutation to any of the important cities in Australia.

Check with your travel agent for more information on the best tours and activities that will suit your traveling style. Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales has an abundance of buses and rail services. Buses go all over the city to major destinations such as Central Business Districts, Circular Quay, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Bellmore Park.

Perth Western Australia’s Public Transportation

Perth is the second largest city in Australia and the third largest in the world. It is located on the Swan River, which provides a perfect gateway to the Great Ocean Road.

The city has an abundance of buses, rail and tramways which are great options for commutation to all important cities in Australia. From Perth International Airport, there are several airline flights which depart for different parts of Australia.

How to Get Around Perth on the Cheap Public Transportation

One of the most attractive aspects of using the public transportation in Perth is the availability of different transport options. One of the most popular modes of transportation in Perth are the buses.

There are many bus routes that crisscross the city carrying travelers to all important locations such as Perth Zoo, Royal Perth Hospital, the Botanic Gardens, John James Clark School, the Perth Casino, the Perth Aquarium, the Flinders Street and many other attractions.

Apart from using the buses, there are two other modes of transportation in Perth which can be used namely, the cab and the train. With the train, you can visit the historical cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and also the scenic beauty of the Southern Murray Valley.

Getting Around Perth on the Cheap

Traveling by Train One of the best ways of traveling around Australia is by train. The network of train stations across Australia provide a great traveling experience to travelers. In addition, taking the train is extremely economical because it only costs around $15 one way.

The network of train stations in Australia include; Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, New South Wales, Geelong, Victoria, Queensland and Canada (Winnipeg). There are numerous other trains operating in and out of Australia such as the East Coast Rail, Western Australian Train Operating Company, Curtin, Targo, South East Asia, London Midland, Far West and Hong Kong.

Getting Around Perth on the Cheap by Air One of the fastest and easiest ways of traveling around Australia is by air. The capital of Perth, also known as the “City of Light”, is well connected with other major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Cairns by major airlines such as Qantas, Cathay Pacific and LANSA.

Depending on your travel plans, you may be able to catch an inexpensive flight to Perth and take advantage of the attractive nightlife and shopping in Perth. Booking affordable flights to Perth is relatively easy through online travel websites and booking cheap flights for a holiday in Australia is no more difficult now than it was a decade ago.

How to Get Around Australia on Your Bus If your ideal vacation destination is more along the lines of a tour than a holiday, then a bus is the ideal solution for you. The best part about a bus tour is that it’s very inexpensive and if you don’t have any type of experience driving, the task of learning how to drive a bus can be accomplished by getting a driver’s permit.

There are many tour companies that offer tours around Australia that include travelling within the major cities of Australia as well as travelling throughout the outback. For example, if you wanted to visit the beautiful National Park of Western Australia you would book a tour from Perth, travel to the national park, and return to Perth via a road trip.

If you wanted to see the incredible Blue Mountain National Park, then you could travel to Perth, catch a bus from there, travel to the Blue Mountain, eat some food at the backpackers lodge while you are there, and then continue along the road to the park.

How to Get Around Australia on Your Boat A boat tour of Australia is a fun way to spend a day or two, especially if you are an adventure and outdoors enthusiast. There are many different boat tour options available, so finding one that includes your preferred destination is not difficult.

Some tours of Australia even take you into the remote outback, which would be an experience of a lifetime. Some of the most popular boat tours of Australia are the Swan River Cruises, the Seaquest Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Cruises. You may also want to consider a day trip to Cairns or even Melbourne.

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