Thrill 'N' Thrill Them With a World Class Wooden Roller coaster

Roller coasters and theme parks are synonymous with each other and traveling on one would surely be a memorable experience for everyone. Imagine yourself riding on the fastest roller coaster that you have ever witnessed or even better yet, what if there was a type of roller coaster that will give you the same feeling as when you are on the real thing? Well, you can just imagine it right away.

In this futuristic type of amusement park, travelers will surely look forward for a thrill-seeking experience. Steel rollers will surely have all the loops, turns, and everything in between. This is because even the steel coasters actually have enough kinetic energy and gravitational force to go round the twists and the hilltops. And, the attached chains also have the power to pull the entire ride up the slopes.

Number one on our list is the Six Flags St. Louis. The official name of this world-renowned Amusement Park is the Six Flags Magic Mountain. The reason why it is called as such is because of the numerous inverted loops and six themed sections that can surely take your breath away. If you think that this is too much, then you can always check out the Big Bad Wolf, Bonfire Blast, or the Boulder Canyon Looping coaster. Each of these is designed to defy the limits of gravity.

Number two is the Cedar Point Amusement Park. Just like Six Flags, this place offers several types of rides including the Zorb, FunGasm, and the Boulder Canyon Looping coaster. It is a perfect destination for all those adrenaline junkies who want to spend a bit of their adrenaline rush in this place. For those who would like to check out the top ten lists of the best roller coasters in the world, this place should be included in the list of places to visit.

Number three in our list of top destinations is the Montu, located in France. Built on the grounds of an ancient Roman temple, this grand amusement park has been designed to replicate the feeling of being in France. What’s more, the original patellae are still functioning. In addition, this location offers the most thrilling experience of standing on the platform while riding on a moving train. This roller coaster ride is the first drop of the New England Prototype Railroad.

Number four is the Woodstock Amusement Park, located in London, England. Wooden roller coasters are a favorite of many people because of the scenic views and the overall “old world” feel. This beautiful park offers an array of attractions for all ages and skill levels. The park was named after the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art that features a collection of wooden artworks from various artists of the modern period.

The St. Louis Cardinal baseball team is based in nearby Detroit. When fans come to the ballpark, they can enjoy a game at one of the world-class wooden coasters located nearby in Michigan. The Iron Island Railroad is also a great attraction for those in the area, serving as the primary entrance to the park and resembling an old-time train station.

Number five on our list of the world-class wooden coasters is Cedar Point Amusement Park, near Portage, Ohio. Constructed in the late nineteen-thirties as a winter recreation facility, this steel coaster promises the exhilaration of a rocking motion coupled with the gentle motion of an aerial cable. This moderately priced ride guarantees the visitor a lifetime of entertainment. Fun for the entire family, this amusement park has something for every member.

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