Torch Lake Camping Is Perfect For a Honeymoon Or Vacation For Couples

Located in the beautiful small eastern Michigan town of Eastport, MI Barnes Park Campground lies between Torch Lake and Grand Traverse Bay. At over 19 miles long, Torch Lake is Michigan’s longest freshwater lake and is a popular location for recreational water sports like fishing, swimming and stand up paddle boarding. It is also one of the most popular Michigan camping destinations. The campground offers two affordable sites – the Lumpy Point Campsite and the Camp Doodler site. Both are on the Lake’s western shoreline, just above the beautiful Boughton Island weed line.

The Lumpy Point Campsite is on the south shore of the lake, accessible by a hiking trail. It has a grill, fire ring, boat ramp, and a concession stand. The camping area has a vault toilet, drinking fountain and water container hookups. The lake’s matted grass provides an ideal camping environment with very little room to spread out. The lake’s shallow open waters provide safe, sheltered boating conditions.

Just west of Torch Lake is another popular camp destination, the charming and picturesque campgrounds of Torch Grove Campground and Barnes Park Campsite. The campgrounds are just a short distance from both lakes and offer nearby lodging, great meals, restrooms and electricity. Another nearby attraction is the nearby St. Ignatius Loyola Campus. This Roman Catholic Church is considering one of the most scenic churches in the United States. The campus houses the college’s Academic Village and The Montessori House.

There are many other nearby attractions, but probably the best known is Crystal Clear Water, an indoor pool that supplies all the watercraft with freshwater. You can float on the cool, crystal-clear waters during the summer months or fly kites with friends during the winter. Crystal Clear Water also serves as a habitat for a large variety of aquatic wildlife. Some of the park’s most famous inhabitants include the state’s deer population and Canada’s rock diving turtles. Another popular activity at the campgrounds is fishing, so try your luck at one of the many fine fishing spots located around the lake.

To reach the sandybar on the south end of the park, campers will need to travel through some brush and climb up a ladder to reach it. From the sandbar, camping can be made extremely easy by using portable restroom facilities. Other than the portable restroom facilities, lanterns, folding chairs and benches that dot the south end of the camping area, camping on the south end of torch lake is relatively safe. A couple of warning signs are posted near the campground to caution boaters about the hazards of camping on the lake.

Torch Lake campgrounds provide easy access to the lake, but don’t expect to stay in a cabin for more than a night or two. The vast majority of campers are outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, hiking, canoeing, boating and other water activities. Torch Lake campers may also choose to explore the nearby wilderness areas, such as Hell’s Gate, where mountain bikers may challenge riders from the road. Rental car services are available to shuttle campers back and forth between the campgrounds, making transportation convenient.

Camping at the torch lake of Sedona, Arizona offers visitors the opportunity to experience an old-fashioned camping trip. The tents, fire rings and other equipment needed to establish a campground make it seem like you are at home on the prairie. The prices for tent rentals are moderately priced, especially when compared to Sedona hotels. The price starts at around $antage for a single tent, and the price goes up from there.

If you’d rather go for a slower pace, the Blythe River Camping Area has cabins for hire. You’ll find that the miles aren’t quite as long, and the air is cooler in the mornings. The beautiful lake and nearby mountains make this an ideal vacation location. You can make plans to visit Sedona during your timeframe, but the Blythe River Camping Area will ensure you have a great vacation no matter what. The rentals are reasonably priced, the food is wonderful and you can get a much closer look at the natural surroundings than you could in other areas.

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