Understanding the Sake Alcohol Percentage

Sake is an alcoholic drink made from rice or barley. This type of alcohol percentage in a Japanese sake is not very high as compared to other types of alcohol content. This is because the distillation process removes most of the impurities and the resulting mixture is much purer. Since this is purer, it has less alcohol percentage than other kinds of alcohol.

If you look at other alcoholic drinks like for example brandy and whiskey, you will see that their alcoholic drinks have higher alcohol contents. There is also a difference in between the alcoholic content in these two types of alcoholic drinks. For instance, most brands of brandy contain between one percent and two percent alcohol. On the other hand, most whiskey contains around ten percent alcohol.

So, we see that the alcoholic content is not so high in sake. The alcohol content in this variety is only one percent, which is much lower than the amount of alcohol found in most other types of alcoholic drinks. However, the low alcohol percentage does not mean that sake is bad for you. In fact, it is beneficial for you.

One good thing about sake is that it is considered as the “dieter’s alcohol”. As opposed to wine, which is alcoholic in its original form, sake can be consumed without getting addicted to it. So, even non-alcoholic people can enjoy this alcoholic drink because it tastes good. Moreover, the fermentation process in which sake is fermented removes some of the beneficial microorganisms that are good for your body.

There are many different varieties of sake that are available in the market today. The most popular among them are the red, white, brown and clear sake. Each variety of sake has its own unique taste and color as well. Each variety of sake is made from different kinds of ingredients. To help you get to know all the sake and its different varieties better, below is a short list of the 5 basics of sake that you should definitely know.


This is another form of Japanese sake that is extracted from rice. It is very popular among Japanese people. It has a sweet and fruity flavor and a high alcohol percentage drink.


It is a popular variety of sake that comes from rice that is roasted. It has a low cooking effect and a very low alcohol percentage. Its flavor is mild and it comes in a very light amber color. If you want to have a very good tasting drink, you can use this variety.


It is a Japanese tea that is made using special sake rice that has been fermented. It has a very sweet taste and a low alcohol level. It is said to be more expensive compared to the other varieties of sake. You can find this in various stores and is usually sold with a special brewing process called Torano-ishi.


This means it has been distilled water. Most of the pure sake contains a small amount of alcohol because distillation takes away much of its nutritional value. Most of the time, it is separated into two to three parts depending on how it is made such as by boiling, steaming or freezing. When you purchase distilled alcohol, make sure that you check the percentage of alcohol by using a special test kit called ISEC Certified.


It is the fermented rice used in making sake. There are different kinds of kojuka. The more common ones are the brown and white kojuka that contain the highest percentage of sake. The kojuka that contains more alcohol is known as the premium sake. This comes from the mold called milled away.

When you purchase Japanese food today, you will see that many of them use sake as part of the diet. They use it in many of their dishes because it tastes good. One reason why they use it so often is because it contains a very small percentage of alcohol when compared with all of the other types of alcoholic drinks.

If you want to enjoy Japanese food to the maximum, then it is important to understand the Japanese ritual of drinking sake.

If you look back in history, sake is usually consumed with foods that were light such as fish and meat. With fish and meat, the alcohol can really add a flavor to the dish. With light dishes, it is important not to add too much alcohol because it may overpower the delicate taste of the dish.

Sake is enjoyed by many people around the world and for this reason there are many different brands of sake that are made. You can find them in just about any grocery store but if you want a high quality brand you should consider buying them online from a reputable supplier that sells Japanese food products.

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