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Villa Spalletti is situated on the foothills of Monte Tauro, the hill wherein the 16th century a chapel was built, dedicated to St. Maria Della Misericordia, Count of Vitra, and founder of the Sirmione Diomedes. It has been repeatedly rented by many celebrities and famous personalities from the world over and is famous for its picturesque landscapes and tranquility surrounding it. A short ride on a motorbike or bike takes you to the famous Palazzo Reale, which is also known as the Royal Palace of the Roman Catholic Church of Santa Croce. To your left, you can see the imposing spires of the Renaissance church and Palazzo Reale, built in the Renaissance and one of the largest and most beautiful palaces in the world. The other side of the road leads you straight to the Virgilio hill, where Sirmione’s most famous book the Divine Comedy was written.

For those who are interested in ancient Roman ruins, Villa Spalletti Travellini is the place to be. Here, you will find some of the most striking ancient ruins in the world. Among these is the Colosseum, a Roman stadium that has been turned into an exhibition center, housing a selection of exhibits and workshops dedicated to Ancient Roman culture, art, and history. In addition to the museum, there is also a restaurant, theater, and several shops. This is a great way to spend a few days with family or friends, while you explore Rome and get a true sense of the city’s rich culture.

Just north of the villa, you will find another masterpiece, the Santa Croce Market. Here you will find one of the most beautiful markets in the world. It attracts thousands of visitors every day who come here to purchase souvenirs and buy second-hand goods. The market is open on Saturdays, which is about the best time to visit the village.

About 30 minutes from the villa, you have the pleasure of visiting the University of Rome – Santa Caterina. Built entirely on the grounds of the original student residence, the university is the oldest academic establishment in all of Italy. While here, you will be able to take in the impressive remains of the ancient Roman city, such as the Piazza del Popolo. In the square, you will find some of the finest frescoes in the world, as well as a wide array of works by famous painters and architects. On your return home, you can take in one of the many bars and eateries situated on the piazza.

For those who are interested in art and culture, you will definitely want to check out the museums that are located in close proximity to the villa. These include the Museo e Galleria Borghese, Santa Caterina Museum, Museo di San Marina, and the Museo e Storie. All of these galleries display some of the finest artworks from the Byzantine era, some of which can be seen in reproductions at reasonable prices.

Many visitors to Villas Spalletti Travelli opt to stay in the beautiful villa with its own outdoor pool. This is a popular choice among couples looking for an elegant location to celebrate their wedding. Other than the pool, this area offers easy access to various sights in the city of Rome. Those who have a preference for history will enjoy the Medieval Castle, which is located between Villas Spalletti Travelli and Palermo. The view from here is breathtaking and includes parts of the Spanish Steps and the Roman Forum.

If you are interested in the arts, then you may want to take in some of the classical works from the area of Sirmione, such as the Museo e Galleria Nobile, which is near the beautiful town of Sirmione and can be reached by train. Nearby is the Museo Civico, which features many churches and palaces. Another area of interest is the Paganano del Sirmione which is close to the town of Paglia and is regarded as one of the best-preserved towns in Sirmione. Visitors staying at Villas Spalletti Travelli can easily reach Paglia, a major tourist center and the country’s second-largest city.

Those staying in Villas Spalletti Roma can also visit nearby towns such as Siena, Trapani, Monteriggia, and Genoa. The towns are all about an hour’s drive from Rome and some of the surrounding attractions are the Piazza Castello, Spanish Steps, St. Barnabas Church, St. Thomas Basilica, and the Duomo, the city’s Exhibition and Congress Centre. Luxury villas in Sirmione have easy access to all of these important attractions and offer visitors the chance to see some of the most beautiful places in Italy during their holidays. The villas are situated at idyllic locations that are close to shopping centers, fine dining, and other sightseeing attractions.

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