What Are the Best Virgin Island to Visit?

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a cluster of beautiful Caribbean islands and atolls. A US territory, it is known for beautiful white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and lush green vegetation. St. Thomas is home to the largest city, Charlotte Amalie, which is also the main town on St. John. To the west is St. John’s island, which features a unique underwater sculpture known as the Whale Shark National Marine Aquarium. To the south is the small island of St. Croix, which features beautiful Dutch cay time-honored homes and Dutch sea life.

Two popular beach spots that rank high on this list of top US Virgin Islands to visit are Negril and St. Croix. Negril is a small island located in the Bay of Barbados. It enjoys cool winds, lots of surf, and a nice shoreline because of its sheltered, wind-sheltered position.

St. Thomas

While on St. Thomas, a tourist can take a boat tour of the many canals. Travelers can also visit Fort William, where a battle was fought between colonists and the British. Fort William is also home to a National Park. On Negril, the US Virgin Islands’ only airport is located at Fort Walton Beach.

Puerto Rico is a unique destination, being one of the last remaining Spanish American colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Puerto Rico is home to over six million Americans and more than three hundred thousand Puerto Rican citizens. The population accounts for more than forty percent of the total population of the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, many island residents speak English. Because of its status as a U.S. colony, Puerto Rico is not included in the passport or Diplomatic passports of many countries.

St. Lucia

The other four U.S. Virgin Islands that ranks high on this list of the best beaches to visit are Aruba, Bahamas, St. Lucia, and St. Maartan/St Martin. These same beaches also make up the last island chain in the Caribbean. Aruba is located between Venezuela and South America and is a horseshoe-shaped island. This island boasts white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and coral reefs.

St. Lucia is also a stunning location that includes black volcanic sand, turquoise blue water, and plenty of surfing action. St. Lucia is also known as “The Queen of the Caribbean”. The British Channel islands are the second most popular destination for British nationals to visit. The British Virgin Islands has four natural beach bays that rank among the best beaches to visit. These bays include St. Croix, St. John, and St. Croix – Soufriere.

Last but not least on our list of the best virgin islands to visit are Buck Island. It is a volcanic island located in the northern Caribbean off the Eastern coast of Barbados. Buck Island features all sorts of activities including boating, snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing.

No matter where you decide to stay during your trip, you will find that each destination offers something different. Whether you want to go sunbathing on the beach or explore the underwater world of St. Maartan/St. Martin, you will not be disappointed. You can even dive into the ocean with dolphins and get a closer look at some of the marine life found there.

For those who wish to stay on an island for a week or two, there are plenty of options as well. St. Thomas and St. Maarten offer visitors the chance to see more of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The most popular day trips for this part of the Virgin Islands include visiting the Thomas dock, St. Thomas Golf Course and the Botanical Gardens. On St. Maarten you will find the same activities that you would find on St. Thomas except for more of an American flavor. You can visit the water park on St. Maarten or enjoy a day of kayaking in the ocean. Pack up a picnic and head over to Philipsburg, a town of Dutch colonial architecture, for dinner.

St. Croix coast

Finally, the best way to see the U.S. Virgin Islands is to take a day trip on a plane. Many airlines will fly from a number of popular island destinations to the Caribbean, which includes some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. If you like the sound of sailing then a catamaran’s boat or a windsurfer cruiser might be just what you are looking for. From here you can explore some of the more exotic beaches in St. Maarten or take some time to explore the St. Croix coast.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a very diverse island location. There is no question that if you are looking for a vacation that offers you something new and exciting that you should visit the Caribbean Islands. There are plenty of reasons to rent a car and spend a week or two on these pristine beaches, whether you want to check out the Virgin Islands and the French Riviera or do some other more leisurely activity. If you have never been to the Caribbean before, you won’t be disappointed by your decision to rent a car and experience the beauty and culture of some of the most unusual Caribbean islands.

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