Camping on the Porcupine Mountains - Camping in the Midwest

The Porcupine Mountains is home to some of America’s best beautiful hiking and even more breathtaking scenery. This unique set of mountains features some of the finest old-growth forests in the northern hemisphere, an expansive 31,000-acre wildland that attracts thousands of visitors each year looking for the pure beauty of this natural landscape. These mountains are a great place to visit with the family or the entire group. The scenery is simply breathtaking and offers many opportunities for hiking and other outdoor adventures. This article offers information on a couple of things to do in the region.


Hike the famous Porky’s Mountain. Porky’s is a World Heritage Site and is considered the largest unbroken forested mountain in the lower 48 states. This beautiful mountain is home to some amazing wildlife, including deer, elk, bears, moose, and more. One of the most popular ways to explore the area is to hike the famous Porky’s trail which takes you through some of the biggest gaps in the forest. At the end of this trail, you will find amazing waterfalls and falls, such as Featherstone Creek. The view from here is simply breathtaking.

For those who prefer to camp, there are several hiking trails that can be found through the wilderness. The trails generally range from easy to difficult depending on the proximity to waterfalls or other attractions. Camping in the porcupine mountains camping grounds allows families, couples, singles, or an entire group to enjoy the hiking trails and other activities while experiencing the awesome beauty of the wilderness.

There are many opportunities for hiking, camping, canoeing, and other outdoor adventure activities in Michigan state parks. Many of these primitive camping sites may require permits but most are open to the public. There are also several great campsites in the upper peninsula, which allow families to experience the wonders of Michigan nature and to stay in beautiful and serene places.

Another great way to enjoy Michigan’s nature and wilderness is to take a backpacking trip on one of the many horseback trails that are found in the region. Horseback riding and camping in the wilderness is a popular activity among all ages and skill levels. Taking a horseback riding or camping adventure on one of the many scenic trails through the forest will give the family the chance to get out of the city and into the great outdoors.

The state park system allows campers to bring their pets on their trip, whether it is a small dog cat, bird, or other pet. Even if a family is not interested in bringing a pet, there are numerous other Porcupine Mountains camping spots throughout the region where families can enjoy a more remote camping experience without the hassles of having to bring their pets along. Small backpacks are available at local sporting goods stores and even at many of the camping sites, allowing families to enjoy their vacation without worrying about transporting their pets on a long trip. Most trails have bathrooms and are wheelchair accessible. Pets are always welcome on overnight trips and there are usually plenty of comfortable beds and RV hookups nearby as well.

Camping at one of the porcupine mountain camping sites in Michigan offers a variety of fun activities for campers to enjoy. Hiking into the forest on a camping backpack is an excellent way to see some amazing natural sights. The trail signs in the forest inform campers of where they are supposed to be going and what they need to do to reach their destination. Being directed the right way is essential to having an enjoyable experience. Hiking into the forest on an RV gives campers the option to cook their own meals and take full advantage of any stored amenities that are close by. Staying at one of the many RV sites allows pets to be brought along on short trips as well.

To get to the highest point in the region, a campground in northern Winnebago, IL will take campers to the Mirror Lake Campgrounds, which offers beautiful lake view views throughout the day. The highest point in this region of Winnebago is the Chimney Rock, which offers spectacular views of the neighboring hills and mountains. With breathtaking views like this, camping in the forest is an excellent way to explore and enjoy the natural beauty found here. Backpacking trips can be made throughout the park and camping on a mirror lake adds a special touch to any camping adventure.

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