San Onofre Camping in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an ideal destination for your next family vacation, perhaps you should consider San Onofre Camping Park. Situated in California’s beautiful the Pacific Ocean, the park lies just south of San Clemente and is the most southern California camping spot. The whole area is accessible by car, or you may prefer to take a boat or bike along to get to the site. Even so, the primary means of getting around the area is by foot, and visitors are advised to plan their journey well in advance in order to avoid running into any last-minute mishaps.

San Onofre Camping Park has a rich variety of campsites suitable for families with small children. Besides offering facilities such as playgrounds, nature trails, and swimming, these sites also provide privacy, as well as easy access to different lakes, rivers, and streams. The entire park features two picnic areas and a wide assortment of campsites that are all privately owned and managed by the San Onofre Camping Association. These campsites are staffed by experienced campers, many of whom make reservations well in advance, due to the popularity of the site.

Surfing is one of San Onofre Camping’s main activities, and for good reason. Located right in the middle of town, surfing in San Onofre is one of the highlights of the trip. Located near the shore of Lake Laguna, several professional surfers have made their homes there, including Jayce Pye, who was famously arrested after jumping into a public swimming pool in Laguna Beach, California, last March. Other famous local surfers include Mark Appleyard, whose board rides high above the water, and Michael McConnahey, whose skills on the board have landed him in some well-known surfing competitions around the world. You don’t need a whole lot of equipment to get into the water, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of waves available.

Another thing to love about San Onofre Camping is its proximity to beautiful, open forests. Since most campers start their hiking trips from their RV, they can explore the terrain around the Ramblers Paradise Campsite, and perhaps venture further into the forest to find an ancient mining village. Hiking into the forest gives you a chance to find wildlife that may be lacking at other popular camping sites. It’s also a great way to get in some sun. For the best hiking opportunities, however, you should go camping at the end of your day because the lush green surroundings will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next leg of your hike.

San Onofre is one of two campsites along America’s Costa Rican/Haitian Coast and like many of the Costa Rica beachfront camping locations it shares a beautiful scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. The hiking trails here go deep into the rainforest, so you can expect to come face to face with plenty of lush, gorgeous plants. The water from the Pacific provides good opportunities for snorkeling as well. If you’re looking for a unique camping experience, San Onofre is definitely the place to go.

For those looking for less adventure while still staying on America’s Pacific Coast, there’s no doubt that the San Mateo Camping Resort is the place to go. There aren’t any big hotels here, but what there is certainly is some wonderful beach experience. San Mateo State Beach is one of America’s favorite beaches. And San Onofre State Beach provides yet another type of beach camping. Most campers who head to San Mateo camp at this popular campground come back for more, each year.

In addition to San Onofre State Beach, there are two other great beach campsites on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. One is called the Morro National Park, and it has a small fee for camping. But those who love camping in beautiful remote areas will find this park to be well worth the trip. And, if you prefer your RV to a tent, then the Morro RV Resort is where you want to stay! It is well maintained and large with a good variety of accommodations.

Of course, there are other types of campgrounds that are popular destinations as well. The Valle Escondido Campsite is one of the most popular and is the site where America’s famous folk singer, rights, recorded his last album. Another popular campground here is the Campo Marzio, which is known as a classic Costa Rican beach town. Then, for those who like to camp on the beach and are into windsurfing, then the Santa Maria Campsite might be perfect for you. No matter what your choices are, you are sure to have a great time with your friends and family at one of these great rv camping spots.

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